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Egg allergy...

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dabihp Sun 27-Feb-05 20:55:05

Anyone else have child with egg allergy who was on trimethaprin(Sp)

DD was on it for first 6mnths due to renal dilated kidney in womb... which turned out to not exist! and now is allergic to eggs and penicillin....

bobbybob Mon 28-Feb-05 02:52:11

Ds is allergic to eggs, but he didn't have this drug. Thought I would say hi and bump your message up anyway. Is the drug related to the allergy?

dabihp Mon 28-Feb-05 10:56:10

Hi, I dont know if it is, I gues I am just trying to find an explanation for her allergy as no one else in the family has it (there is history of asthma an eczema, i know all can be related)

Did you eat eggs and or mayonnaise when you were pregnant?

(I recall having an egg sandwich that wasn exactly hard boiled, and i still ate mayo - Helmans, which is pasterised so i was told it was okay...)

bobbybob Mon 28-Feb-05 22:19:27

The reason you have to cook eggs in pregnancy is to avoid food poisoning. This is not related to allergy.

I did eat eggs, lots of them actually, I really craved them. But if I was pregnant again and not still breastfeeding bob (have to avoid them for that reason now) I would still eat eggs until the last 8 weeks.

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