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My 8 month old with a dairy the GP thinks...!

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Nic1983 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:16:10

Hiya i have a 8 month old who was fully beast fed for 5 months, when i started replacing breast feed for formula feeds she started being sick, then when i started her with food she threw that up aswell, they said that she had reflux and put her on Gaviscone which helped a little but not much, After trying various different formulas including Aptimal easy digest, SMA staydown, cow and gate stay down and many more, she has carried on being sick with food and milk, I have in the last week cut out all dairy in her food and used Lactose free milk, she is better with her food, not bringing it up, but the milk she is still puking the whole lot up, Now my GP is saying they will prescribe a completely dairy (lactose and protein) free milk but i was wondering if any one could help me 1- where do you get allergy testing and 2 - whether any body knew if i should use the nanny goat milk instead of the milk that the GP prescribes?
I just want it sorted out now, i have had the last 3 months of hell! she has gone from sleeping through at 4 months happy baby to waking up hourly through the night, so unhappy all the time, its a night mare!
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciate.

Turniphead1 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:26:55

No - don't use the nanny goat milk. If your child is allergic to lactose or milk protein the goats milk will likely just make her as sick.

The milk your GP is talking about is probably Neocate or Nutramigen (imo, Neocate is better, less smelly poos). It is hydrolysed - ie all the milk protein is broken down. Give it a go, it may take a few days for you to see a difference.

Re; allergy testing, whatever you do don't go for a health food shop or York test. Load of old cobblers. You need to get a referal from your GP to an allergy / immunologist consultant at the hospital. He will know who to refer you to. Most allergy specialists say you can not accurately test for allergies before 12 months - but if there is any kind of a waiting list, ask for a referral after you see what the Neocate does so you can make it coincide with her 1st birthday. At that point, the consultant will probaby do some skin prick testing and a blood test to see if he is indeed allergic to cows milk or anything else.

Does she tolerate egg? You may wish to go easy on the other main allergens - wheat, egg, kiwi, nuts (although medical opinion is divided as to whether avoiding these helps stop an allergy develop or not).

Best of luck. It is very distressing - but sounds like your GP is on the ball, a lot would be dismissing your DD's symptoms when it does sound awfully like a milk allergy.

loobeylou Wed 24-Sep-08 19:10:44

have had 2 friend diagnosed with dairy allergic babies in last 6 months. One is now thriving on soya formula, having firs t tried lactose free with no improvement - and his eczema which he was COVERED in has totally gone. he is 8 months and looks 18 months!! this friend did all this alone as GP unsupportive.

the other is a prem baby girl who needed several ops on her tummy and she did not tolerate soya either but is now thriving on goats formula milk from new zealand goats available in Holland & Barrett.

you are lucky your GP seems to be on the ball, many would dismiss you as An Anxious Mother!

Good luck!

soph28 Wed 24-Sep-08 19:19:16

my dd1 has (I think) a mild dairy intolerance/allergy. She has been chronically constipated since birth and after I went dairy free for dd2 (4months) and saw a massive improvement I decided to cut dd1's dairy intake and see if things improved. I switched her to soya milk and se has not needed her Movicol (med for constiaption) for 5 weeks now, her constantly streaming nose cleared up and her skin (which gets rough patches and itchy) cleared up. They all came back whilst we were on holiday recently and weren't able to regulate her dairy intake as strictly! (she is 2 now).

soph28 Wed 24-Sep-08 19:19:49

Oh- goat's milk did not improve things for either of my dd's

Nic1983 Wed 24-Sep-08 21:12:55

Wow everyone is so helpful on here, its my first time today on here, its so helpful to get other mummy's opinions and advice.
Thanks tuniphead for your advice with the allergy testing, i would have gone to a health food shop, She does tolerate egg, she loves it and today when i used soya spread on the bread instaed of marg she didnt puke, When i get this milk from the GP on Monday hopefully it will make her better, i just feel so responsible for her, i have a three year old who has never had any allergies, perfect baby.
I just want Rosie to stop being sick and tummy achey all the time, i will keep my fingers crossed for Monday that it will work.
Just to add my GP is rubbish, it is my health visitor i go through she just gets the prescription from the GP, she has been fantastic and followed me all the way, she pushes the Gp to act and presribe, anyway i will let you know how i get on monday.
Thanks again

hester Wed 24-Sep-08 21:18:55

I agree with everything Turniphead says. Don't give her soya milk or goat milk (though a bit of soya spread or soya yogurt is fine). She needs the proper mix of nutrients and that means Neocate or Nutramigen. (Btw, Neocate also comes in banana-vanilla flavour if your baby won't tolerate the standard one.)

They usually grow out of dairy allergy by the age of 3. My dd has.

Turniphead1 Thu 25-Sep-08 11:23:25

Yup - as hester says dairy allergy is one of the "better" ones and a many children grow out of it by 3/4 or 6/7. We are holding out for the 6/7 in our house grin.

Hurray for your HV. It's great that she gives you the support you need. Please ask GP about referral to a proper allergy consultant. I am a great fan of holistic medicine, homeopathy etc etc but NOT for allergy testing. It has been proven to be totally and utterly unreliable.

Get used to checking labels on food. Milk can be a "secret" ingredient in certain things you wouldn't think of - eg, biscuits, salami (not that many 8 months old go through a lot of salami), some bread (mostly burger baps), sausages etc. Organix range is good for dairy free - and if you need the odd jar out and about, Hipp Organic have some that are dairy free (quite a few jars contain milk or milk via cheese). Look out for milk in the form of whey or lactic acid in ingredients etc.

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