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Stomach pain, maybe allergies?? Advice on elimination diet please

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macherie Tue 23-Sep-08 11:44:59

I've had a pain in my stomach for the last couple of days, an acidic, burning kind of pain high up in my tummy, around the same level as my ribs

I had the same thing as a teenager, and after lots of investigations for an ulcer, I was diagnosed with allergies to dairy and wheat. The pain went away almost as soon as I gave up, and I stayed off them for nearly 15 years, which was hard work! About 10 years ago, I introduced both back into my diet, had no symptoms, and found life much easier wink

Now I have this pain again I'm going to have to look at allergies again. Any advice about what to eliminate first? Am dreading a wheat/dairy free life again. Fell I could cope with one allergy, but two would be a misery.

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