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DLA for Eczema??

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sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 12:49:49

I decided to start a new thread on this rather than tag it on the other thread I started a few days ago. Anyway I have recieved the DLA forms today and I really can't see how you fill in it for Eczema, I have two kids with Cerebral palsy and its easy to do with them but most of the questions don't apply to DD2 as she doesn't have a physical disablity. I am spending a lot of time with her doing baths and creams, and all the other crap that goes with Eczema and I get up to her in the night about 3 times (as well as the 2 or 3 times DS and DD1 get up due to the cerebral palsy, I don't know why I bother trying to sleep TBH!! ) Any advice would be greatly appricated

rickman Sat 26-Feb-05 12:58:33

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 13:03:29

I know, Misdee is my sister and I've been getting the "claim DLA for her" for about 3 years, LOL!! I get it online and in person....... I have put it off for so long as I felt guilty about claiming it when I already have two on DLA IYKWIM

rickman Sat 26-Feb-05 13:05:38

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 13:22:52

I have only recently realised that I need to spend more time to help her overcome the eczema, I used to just apply the cream when I thought she really needed it, but now the skin nurse has given me lots of extra creams and a rountine to follow to help DD2, I realised just how much time I need to spend on her.

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