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Dietitian advice

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strawberrycornetto Thu 18-Sep-08 22:15:56

I saw a dietitian today for DS's dairy allergy.

I thought she was really good. Her advice corresponded with what I have researched myself and the general advice from here.

Basically, her view was that we should exclude all dairy (including goats milk) and all soya. Soya partly because of the risk he'll be allergic to and partly because of the oestrogen issue. We should also not introduce either eggs or fish. We should introduce meat.

As I am breastfeeding she also advised me to cut out all dairy and soya for 4 weeks to see if there is any improvement in his sickness and eczema. She said I may not need to cut out soya and suggested ways of deciding whether this is necessary. She said she will speak to me again in a month to see how we are doing after I have had the appointment with the allergy specialist.

She was happy with his diet in general and I feel really reassured by what she said. Her view was that it was very unlikely that the reactions he had would develop into an anaphylactic reaction as it has really just been rashes. She also suggested trying him out with small amounts of hidden dairy, eg spread with a little bit of butter or milk as a minor ingredient although she said to wait to do this until after we had seen the allergy doctor.

This all sounded very sensible to me and I feel quite reassured that at least we are now getting good advice. She also gave me her number so I can ring if I have any queries.

Does anyone have any other thoughts?

strawberrycornetto Thu 18-Sep-08 22:21:02

Just reread and I suppose I was slightly concerned about how strongly she said the reaction wouldn't get more severe as I'm not sure that's correct.

However, she did advise me not to give him any dairy at all until after the allergy testing. I kind of thought she might be trying not to worry me unnecessarily as the chances are its unlikely to be a really bad allergy even though there is a small chance it could be. Is this right do you think?

trixymalixy Thu 18-Sep-08 22:28:01

Hmm, I was reassured by the dietician into trying DS on houmous again as his face had just gone a little bit red. Cue trip to A&E with swollen lips and tongue.

I wouldn't advise trying with hidden egg or dairy etc at home.

strawberrycornetto Thu 18-Sep-08 23:23:16

That's scary shock. Will definitely wait to see what the doctor says then!!! Was your DS ok? Do you know what in hounous he's allergic to? Is it sesame??

trixymalixy Fri 19-Sep-08 18:20:01

He was fine in the end. was very scary though so i am now really cautious.

They tested him and he was allergic to both the sesame and the chickpeas.

strawberrycornetto Fri 19-Sep-08 18:39:15

Oh no, that would be a disaster. DD lives on houmous. I didn't know you could be allergic to chickpeas shock

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