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orange juice intolerance - advice please

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beckie74 Wed 10-Sep-08 13:41:58

I have just found this site and wondered if anybody has some advice. My little girl has chronic cystitis (? spelling)a few hours after having oranges, orange juice (including cordial)etc. She doesn't have any other reaction ie rash etc but her bits below hurt enough to wake her up crying and it is agony when she goes to the loo. Has anybody known this before and if so do you have any tips besides calpol and sudocreme?

frazzledbutcalm Wed 10-Sep-08 13:52:15

Don't give her orange related products! I'd cut out all orange products and see if she still has the problem. That way you'll know if its definitely the oranges or sometimes just coincidence.
If she has no orange products at all and still has the problem I'd take her to gp.

debzmb62 Wed 10-Sep-08 14:38:00

orange juice is very strong my little girls get sore down below sometimes after drink orange to try cranberry juice instead although it can be bitter but they do one with rasberrys or blue berrys which my little girl love it will help with the cystitis can i ask how old is your little girl my littleone is 3 now but when she gets a bit sore down the the doctor gave he some canistain cream

debzmb62 Wed 10-Sep-08 14:45:57

sorry god my spelling is so bad !!sorry hopefully this is better !!

orange juice is very strong my little girl get's sore down below sometimes after drinking orange too, try cranberry juice instead although it can be bitter but they do one with rasberrys or blueberrys which my little girl loves it will help with the cystitis can i ask how old is your little girl my little one is 3 now but when she gets a bit sore down there the doctor gave her some canistain 1% cream

Twiglett Wed 10-Sep-08 14:49:49

lots of water, cranberry juice (well diluted) is anecdotally good for UTIs. antibiotics are also important take her to gp with urine sample and is high in Vitamin C. Orange juice is very acidic

Sit her in the bath to wee .. is she actually weeing or is she retaining wee, give her calpol / nurofen 20 mins before trying and again lots of water.

do you really mean 'chronic' which basically means that it is long-term problem

You are lucky, organges are easy to avoid

Twiglett Wed 10-Sep-08 14:51:03

also little girls should be taught to wipe front to back ONLY and then to take an extra bit of toilet paper and do a dab to check all dry

urine can wet cotton knickers and bring on a UTI, make UTIs worse

let her run round without any pants on .. I wouldn't use sudocreme but maybe vaseline will help .. sudocreme can sting

hotcrossbunny Wed 10-Sep-08 14:52:32

My friend is very allergic to oranges. She bleeds inside and ends up weeing bloodshock She also gets stomach ache (not surprisingly). I wonder if it's a similar reaction for your dd? Not nice, but at least oranges are fairly easy to avoid.

beckie74 Wed 10-Sep-08 16:29:53

thanks for all your messages, my little girl is 6 (nearly 7) and has had this problem since she was about 3 or 4. I have mentioned it to the doctors on occasions but have been shrugged off and told to avoid oranges (which i had already figured!) The last big episode was a few months ago when she went to a birthday party and had some juice, she was really sore and after two days it was getting worse no matter what I did. She ended up in hospital and had to monitor wee with dip sticks for a week then sent sample to doctors (hospital request)who said oranges may be setting off dormant infection, sent sample off and dr phoned me saying she had unusual infection and gave her antibiotics (by this time she was symptom free) she couldn't tolerate the antibiotics so she was referred to consultant. Took fresh sample to her which was fine and she said she didn't have gp results of infection but as everything seemed ok discharged her. Had another minor episode last night after school gave her juice (and yes they have been told!) Am concerened this is not being dealt with and is something more sinister but am embarrassed to take her back to gp when she is symptom free (ie i don't give her oranges to set it off) and also don't want people poking her 'down there' if you know what i mean. Am I being paranoid or is this something which is ok to manage by just avoiding oranges.

debzmb62 Wed 10-Sep-08 17:08:45

i would 100% myself take her back to the doctor and explain from the begining ! ask what the unusual infection was !! ask them to look into it more its not fair on your little girl to have to suffer this its uncomfortable sometimes antibiotic can make things like trush /cystitis worse you need to get to the bottom of this !has it been confirmed as cystitis !maybe it could be trush in witch case antibiotic would work and could make it worse like i said doctor gave my little girl canistaen cream and with thrush it can be inside to in which case they might be able to give her a oral tablet to treat it as like you i would want anyone having to touch her down there unnessersary

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