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Dyson Allergy Day - post your feedback or queries here

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Sep-08 13:37:37

Welcome back to everyone who spent the day at Dyson HQ talking about allergies - hope you had a fun, interesting and useful day smile.

Please can you use this thread to post your feedback about the day - including anything new you learnt about allergies and how you can control them, your dust busting tips, how you are finding your new Dyson Allergy vac, what feedback you had from the Dyson microbiologists on the dust sample you took with you, and anything else you think other Mumsnetters with allergies in their family may find useful.

If you didn't attend the day but have questions for our new allergy-specialist Mumsnetters or for Dyson, please feel free to post them here too and we'll do our best to get them answered.

Thanks, MNHQ

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 16:32:18

Oooh, I'm excited to be an allergy specialist! I'm at work at the moment, but will come back this evening to post my feedback on what was a fun and useful day...

But before I forget, Misdee wanted to know how long it would take to remove cat hairs from her new place. One of the microbiologists said it could take quite a while, but each time you vacuum you'll remove some more.

So sounds like you could do with a Dyson allergy! Are you anywhere near South London? If so, you're welcome to borrow mine to give the carpets a good go.

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 16:33:03

Oh, and thanks mumsnet for the day - it was great!

DesperateTooDyson Wed 10-Sep-08 17:37:16

It was a great day. We all met at Paddington Bear. I sidled (sp) up to callmeovercautious and whispered out of the side of my mouth ''are you a mumsnetter?''.

Was very relieved to find she was indeed and not some unsuspecting member of the public! grin

We were made to feel very welcome by all the Dyson staff. (I'd like to know what the application process is for Dyson as they were all not only very beautiful but sooo enthusiastic about their jobs - or maybe it's something in the water there!).

There was a lot of information that I already knew about 'dustmite control' such as washing bedding at 60 degrees and vacuuming mattresses but one thing I didn't know about was the 'intensive vacuuming'.

Intensive vacuuming involves going over the same spot many times to lift as many of those gripping critters as possible. By doing this monthly, it is then ok to do a quick once over at other times.

Also, that some of the worst spots for mites in the home are:

entrance hall
around armchairs
at side of beds

These areas have more shed human skin and moisture which are two things the critters enjoy.

It also makes me shudder to think that allergies are from the dustmites' poo not the mites themselves shock

So I am planning to blitz my house with my dyson and all the extra tools we were very kindly given yesterday and will report back on the results.

Thankyou Dyson and mumsnetsmile

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 18:44:06

Hallo again

I'm with Desperate on this - where on earth does Mr Dyson find so many lovely folk to work in his rather James-Bond-villain-like HQ? grin

They were all very charming - enthusiastic about their work, but with a healthy splash of Brit self-deprecation. And they made all the science-y bits understandable to us layman.

We found lots out, including the revelation that cats sweat and it's that - along with their saliva - that us allergicy types often react to, rather than their hair. Apparently, lots of offices have cat allergens lurking in them because the bits transfer from cat-owners' clothes.

We got to see some dustmites under the microscope (euwwwww) - I didn't realise that you can freeze the little blighters to death. So our freezer now resembles an Arctic teddy bears' graveyard, as several of DD's favoured toys are having their mites frozen off.

There were lots more tips - a good one was to move your furniture around now and then, as mites love to live in the comfy darkness under the sofa and moving it round annoys them. But if you're loath to move stuff as it will reveal those little indents in your carpet, a strategically placed icecube will help your carpet spring back into shape.

And you're not safe from the critters if you have a hard floor - they can live happily in the dents in floorboards, laminate etc. Seems to me the hardy little fellows will be best placed to survive the end of the world tonight!

Another tip was to avoid using wet cleaners on your carpet - although you think you're giving it a good clean, some of the moisture will remain at the bottom of the carpet, giving our little dustmite chums the perfect conditions for life.

Ummm, hope those tips help!

So thanks again Dyson and Mumsnet.

CostaRicanCod Wed 10-Sep-08 18:44:56

did oyu do the assault course?

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 18:47:27

Nope, but we did meet George the Carpet Beater!

And we learnt you were impressed with the handwash in the loos (L'occitaine?).

CostaRicanCod Wed 10-Sep-08 18:47:59

was lovely camilla there
was the woman on reception still rather


TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 18:49:41

Yes to both!

Camilla and Sarah both very nice indeed.

CostaRicanCod Wed 10-Sep-08 18:52:33

good old camilla.

ModeratelyMitey Wed 10-Sep-08 20:01:37

Message withdrawn

GotNoDyson Wed 10-Sep-08 20:34:05

The air blade dryer was brilliant grin

I'm afraid I am yet to receive my Dyson, but I cant wait. All the little extra gagdets are going to be so useful - particularly the softbrush for 'dusting'.

I was very impressed with their testing methods - they seem to be the market leader - worldwide - when it comes to rigorous testing.

The HEPA filter is something that impresses me immensely.

I can only really echo what the others have said regarding the rest of the day.

I was also surprised to find that my dust didnt make the grade shock and couldnt be tested.

I am still hmm that DaveDyson the journalists sample was allergen free.......grin

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 21:11:55

Oooh yes, the hand dryer was fab.

I was rather relieved they didn't test my dust - I was certain if they had I'd be arrested coming off the train for crimes against cleanliness. grin

Also surprised about DysonDave's lack of dustmites in the office. DH is a journalist and his office wouldn't pass the dyson test, oh no. The odd mouse has been known to scurry around the newsroom...

Hope the machine comes tomorrow so you can get hoovering dysonning!

callmemitey Wed 10-Sep-08 21:17:59

I think Davedyson took his from a carpet showroom grin
Yes mine was the worst for dust mites sad and blush But I blame it on Dyson. If they will make one that lasts for 12 years it is their own fault if it stops collecting the mite poo as well as it used to wink Nothing to do with my very old carpets and a band of toddlers trashing the place at all.

Thanks to Dyson and MN for a great day. Despite my very early start to get there I had a fab day and the other MNetters were great fun. It was also good to meet others as we don't all look at the same threads all the time so learnt a bit more about the whole MN culture as well smile

My top tip from the day was the intensive vacuuming. Start with the hallway, have a washable mat and use a shoe rack. That way the allergens do not sit in contact with your carpet.

Vacuum 10 times or so in one spot to remove as much mite poo and other allergens. Work your way through the house along the most used routes.

Then tackle Bedroom - around the bed and especially the areas where the duvet falls in the morning and where you tend to undress or where washing sits waiting to be collected.

Also the lounge - as others have said the areas most used are where the real problem will be - in front of the sofa etc. DD has a habit of standing by the footstool to colour in/watch TV/generally lay about - I will be doing that first hmm

The carpet washer tip the oldestcat mentioned was interesting. I bought one earlier in the year as DDs weetabix and ricecrispie throwing was causing a real problem. It lifted the surface dirt a treat but now I learn I have probably increased my Mite problem (perhaps the reason my dust was miteyest?). I will still use it on dirty bits but am going to resist the temptation to do the whole room.

The filters need rinsing every 3 months - one of the yummy techy guys (very Richard Hammond) said he would not do it as often - but he is a young guy, no DC running about etc. I will be going with the 3 months thing - it can't be too much work and is cheaper than the old replacable ones I was spending a fortune on.

I will come back and tell you all how good it is when I have had a chance to use it. Looking forward to vacuuming my laptop keyboard with the duster tool smile I will be MNetting in super Dyson clean style then wink

GotNoDyson Wed 10-Sep-08 21:21:44

ModeratelyMitey also mentioned on the day that you can get DLA/assistance if you have children with severe allergies/eczma. Thank you MM smile

callmemitey Wed 10-Sep-08 21:35:51

Yes that was a good point. Since I got back I remember a thread about it a few months ago - was that you MM? It helps to cover the extra costs involved. MM mentioned things like cotton babygrows and washing costs. I can really see how it could all add up.

Perhaps MM can tell you all more if you are interested?

Luckily DD is not so severe but I do know others that are and will be giving them a nudge to apply.

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 21:39:04

Nice one, callme - my keyboard is foul. Must get out the duster tool tomorrow [excited emoticon].

It's a shame we didn't get to see Mr Dyson (or the glass elevator, gotnodyson!). I wonder if he sits in his office like the dragons in Dragons' Den, waiting for the yummy tech guys (and gals) to impress him with their ideas? wink

CostaRicanCod Wed 10-Sep-08 21:56:36

they have the hand dryers in our waitrose food and home

DesperateTooDyson Wed 10-Sep-08 21:57:28

I think 'James' (as we must surely all be allowed to call him now) was too busy in his office playing with his tractors.

Or maybe he was in Malaysia bashing his dysons. grin

Must add washable door mat to my homebase shopping list - I'd forgotten about that.

Ds loved the mooncup/icetray. And dd quite chuffed when I gave her the cleaning tips book in the box.

OOh, maybe I'll be up to a little keyboard dysoning tomorrow with my soft dusting tool.

ModeratelyMitey Wed 10-Sep-08 22:11:21

Message withdrawn

callmemitey Wed 10-Sep-08 23:08:53

DD rummaged in the Dyson bag for ages and the mooncup icecube tray was her favourite hmm I did have to open all the boxes for her but tbh she was not so keen on the mattress tool. She did wipe the coffee table with the duster though.

James' tractors were great - my Nephews would be his friends for life smile

Have tried checking the ethical trading site I mentioned and it is more supermarket orientated. I will ask Sarah or Camilla if there is similar for white goods manufacturers and will let you know.

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 23:29:31

Love the idea of 'James' bashing his dysons in Malaysia!

DD brushed her hair with the dusting tool...Can recommend the mattress one - got lots of fine dust with that.

Be interested to hear about that ethical query, callme.

callmemitey Wed 10-Sep-08 23:42:10

Hi oldestcat <wave> - well I feel quite strongly about it - part of my job involves the ethical side of the business so I know it is possible to trade overseas and still be "ethical" to the UK standards. I have read that dyson really tried to stay in the UK but were forced to go overseas or sink. Like many UK manufacturers. We will hear something back I am sure.

Off to bed but I will be dysonning tomorrow so will be back smile

TheOldestCatHairsInTheCyclone Wed 10-Sep-08 23:56:41

<waves back> Good for you.

Right, off to bed too!

CostaRicanCod Thu 11-Sep-08 07:29:07

he was "in malaysia" when we were there.
oh yes he was < knwoign nod>
is that like Ugandan discussions in Private Eye?
<checks lwayer is on speed dial>

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