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Spots on face of 6.5 month old - allergy?

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Sullwah Mon 08-Sep-08 05:56:19

Hi -I am new to this part of mumsnet so forgive me if this subject has been dealt with before but we are away traveling through the states and I don't have time to review old threads at the moment.

I have two nearly 7 month old twins that have been on solids for about 3 week now. One of them has developed what looks like acne on his face in the area where the food he is trying to eat gets smeared.

I have been doing a mixture of BLW and purees.

In the last week he has had:

Philadelphia on a Bagel
Houmous on Pita
Bread and Butter
Apple and pear puree (jar)
brown rice and green bean puree (jar)
Sweet potatoe (jar)

There are no other symtoms apart from red pimply skin.

Any views from the wise mumsnetters? An allergy or something else?

tatt Mon 08-Sep-08 08:36:30

could be a milk rash after the philadelphia, the wheat in pita and bagel or just a skin sensitivity to acidic apple. If you just give one food at a time for a few days you'll know what he's reacting to.

It doesn't necessarily mean a serious allergy but keep some antihistamine around. Ask a pharmacist for Chlorpheniramine (generic name, sold as piriton here but I don't know the american version).

hobnob57 Mon 08-Sep-08 21:53:16

My wee girl gets spots on her face with dairy. We are now re-introducing it into her diet at 21 months (petits filous and Philly) and if she has too much she gets the spots. Not too bad a symptom compared with the colic/wind/reflux she had as a smaller baby in response to dairy.

christywhisty Tue 09-Sep-08 20:46:31

My DS does have allergies but when he was teething he had bad rashes on his cheeks.

mum2ds1 Tue 09-Sep-08 21:01:17

my friends ds3 always has a reaction to melon

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