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Anyone have Cappuccino's recipe for the tomato fee sauce please?

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chloesmumtoo Sat 06-Sep-08 09:27:21

Cappuccino or anyone who may have it, I'm in a panic and have seemed to have lost my recipe. Could you let me know the ingredients/directions please, need to make up a batch for the freezer. It was on a thread in the food topic and was titled for anyone with tamato intolerances. We cannot survive without it!! I can get the pages from mumsnet but not the link to the sauce recipe.

chloesmumtoo Sat 06-Sep-08 09:58:25

Panic over, I have found it!!

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 10:01:28

wow - I'm so glad it was of help!

chloesmumtoo Sat 06-Sep-08 12:27:58

yes we use it for dd all the time on pizza and pasta especially!Thanks to your thread lol smile

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