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How to reintroduce dairy products to allergic baby?

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cuppachar Tue 02-Sep-08 16:27:47

DD (11 months) is allergic to milk, egg and peanuts. However I have been told in a brief phone conversation with the paediatrician that she will definitely grow out of the milk allergy and that I should start reintroducing dairy products now, starting with very hard cheese such as parmesan greated into her food, then move onto very hard mature cheddar.

I was given no further info and won't have another appt until December! Can anyone advise how I should do this? I've tried parmesan a few times and she seemed OK, no vomitting or hives, no apparent increase in her eczema... do I progress to cheddar now? thanks....!

nauseous Tue 02-Sep-08 16:39:40

Seems like their advice was thin on the ground... I'm not certain why you would you want to re-introduce something a baby was allergic to? Cheese is one thing but milk's another. Who's to say she will grow out of it? There are loads of dairy alternatives around these days - though to be fair it depends on where you live. Just my opinion, I'm a bit of a hippy. On the other hand, its useful to have a little of something you're allergic to occasionally so that if you accidentally eat it you're not completely ill... I'd go to a nutritionist for detailed info. Sorry hope that's clear!

cuppachar Wed 03-Sep-08 15:35:05

I think it would be better for DD's diet and health if she were able to have dairy products, so I'm keen to reintroduce them if that's what the specialist is recommending, just unsure of how to go about it. Has anyone else done this?

tullytwo Wed 03-Sep-08 15:46:28

cuppachar - I would personally wait until you have a meeting with the dietician and consultant before doing this.

My dd has a milk allergy too and although I think she may be growing out of it I am waiting unti I have spoken in depth with the above before reintroducing dairy stuff.

I know its frustrating them not being able to have it but December is only a few months away and she is still very little. I was told that you are worsening the allergy by giving them stuff if they arent ready rather than helping to build a resistance to it iykwim.

thin its a bit odd they told you this over the phone too. When dd was diagnosed they did a test at the day clinic at the hospital - sis your dd have this done or how was she diagnosed?

I was then told I would have a 6 month review which is coming up this month - what did your consultant recommend?

Sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear - am not preaching to you but as someone who is allergic to other things I know the symptoms are sometimes not apparent on the outside.

rebelmum1 Wed 03-Sep-08 16:02:05

I wouldn't rush it to be honest, these foods are hard enough to digest at the best of times and 11 months is still very young indeed. Is the paed an allergy specialist?

cuppachar Wed 03-Sep-08 16:08:47

Yes the paed is an allergy specialist. DD was tested at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London as part of the LEAP study but wasn't eligible as she's allergic to peanuts. I phoned afterwards as I had a query and one of the study team phoned me back - he said her test results were actually very weak and I should start reintroducing dairy (and that was 2 months ago when she was only 9 months).

Anyway I think maybe you're right I should wait for the follow-up appt in December, although this will be at a different hospital (we don't live in London - only went there for the LEAP study). I guess there's no harm in waiting....

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