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Peanut allergy testing, how did you knoe it was necessary?

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Chandra Sun 20-Feb-05 13:26:19

Although we have been keeping an eye in what DS eats as he had severe eczema and suspected asthma, yesterday we thought that it won't be that bad to allow him to touch a peanut, or at least that what I was thinking because when I was not looking DH gave him a couple and allow him to eat them, then DS came and spit the peanuts, and started rubing his face. ANyways five minutes later he had half of the face covered in a rash including the eyelids which is something it had barely happen even in the worst episodes of eczema.

Should I worry about this or it may be a coincidence? if I need to worry, could anybody tell me how much aprox these test would cost? I expect the GP would take years to make his mind whether DS needs to be tested or not, but I am willing to pay the bill to err on the safe side.

Chandra Sun 20-Feb-05 13:42:24


misdee Sun 20-Feb-05 13:44:24

peanut allergies are very serious and tbh if you told your gp that dh had a bad skin reaction to peanuts he should refer him to a allergy clinic for testing asap.

polly28 Sun 20-Feb-05 23:25:20

this is how we found out ds was allergic to nuts and eggs.I took him to the gp and she referred him to allergist for testing,It took six months for appointment though

sansouci Sun 20-Feb-05 23:27:46

oh no! Not a peanut allergy ! I have had that all my life & have come v. close to snuffing it on several occasions. Pay for the tests, no matter what the cost! Please.

Chandra Sun 20-Feb-05 23:51:36

OK, you have convinced me. now, does anybody know how much the tests are, and what is the best way to find a reputable place and doctor?


I'm taking DS to the GP tomorrow morning, would you be so kind to keep bumping the thread if you see them going out of the active conversations list? Thanks in adsvance.

sansouci Mon 21-Feb-05 00:02:24

Ask your GP to refer you to a pediatric allergist (I guess they must exist in England). I had dd and ds tested last spring because I have tons of allergies & dh has asthma so it was justified!

sansouci Mon 21-Feb-05 00:04:16

BTW, I'm not referring to "food sensitivities" but actual life-threatening allergies which cause anaphylaxis.

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 00:39:52

That's what I am afraid of Sanouci, though there are cases of rhinitis in my family and a single one of eczema in DHs, having a child with severe eczema and asthma has been a surprise. Nut allergy is unheard of in my country, so was eczema si I really don't want to risk it. TBH I'm very scared

sansouci Mon 21-Feb-05 00:50:08

Don't be scared, Chandra! That's the worst thing for your children if they in fact do have a food allergy. I recently met a mummy (who is a doctor) with a dd of 7 who also has a peanut allergy. The child was almost afraid to breathe, poor thing, so much had the mother's fear and protectiveness "stunted" her. As a child with anaphylaxis, you learn to read food labels very carefully and to never, ever eat anything that you're the least bit doubtful over. It should go without saying that the infamous epipen goes everywhere, too. But try not to worry! Good luck. If you need more info/advice, I'm right here.

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 11:22:57

Thanks Sansouci. Have been to the GP today, DS was refered to a pediatrician though the appointment would be in some weeks time. In the mean time we need to be extremely careful just in case he really has it. I was worried but not too much until this morning when the doctor mentioned about the epipen. It was sudden realisation about how fragile life could be. Hope I don't offend you with my worries, I supose that's just a phase.

I believe it would be a long time before DS gets it tests done, it will take weeks to see a pediatrician and then if he refers him to the allergician (is that the correct name?), it would take some other extra weeks. Sometimes I really wish I could be at my country, I would only need to ask around for a "good" name, open the yellow pages and make an apointment. Here it seems so difficult, guess I should be having a look at the yellow pages but ringing somebody without an actual recommendation makes me feel a bit ackward. I don't know many people with allergies or doctors around here that can recommend one.

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 11:47:46


foxinsocks Mon 21-Feb-05 11:54:08

Chandra, where are you located?

I saw a fantastic paediatrician for dd's allergies. Generally, it will be the paediatrician who does the tests rather than referring you on. We saw him on the NHS but I know he does private appointments aswell.

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 12:07:36

York, but if you know a good one, I wouldn't mind to travel. (I was thinking a bit earlier in taking a plane to Spain to have him seen... I guess sometimes being foreign really blinds me...)

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 13:06:19


rummum Mon 21-Feb-05 14:31:30

We had son allergy tested when he was 2 and a half, (apparently in the UK that is the earliest that they like to do it) we knew he was allergic to dairy and eggs and they just comfermed it. they also tested him for nuts to which he proved positive.... I was so busy watching how his skin prick tests had reacted to the milk and eggs that I didn't really take in what the doctor was saying about his results to the nut test.. I was like.. he has a limited diet, he doesn't eat nuts... and it wasn't until they said it could be fatal if he ate them that I listened to what they said.. We have a epi-pen for him, and the dairy/egg allergy is so bad that he might need his epi-pen for eating them as well. Life was hard for a few weeks, I was mega paronoid about him eating anything, but now days we are a bit more relaxed with his allergies. He's nearly 7 now and we are having him allergy tested again in March.
My advice... Go to the doctor's.. you will need an epi-pen, get some piritin (anti histamine) to keep in the cupboard in the meantime,
Good luck

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 14:43:34

Runmun, have your DS had his tests done in UK? did you pay for them? if so, how expensive are they?

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 15:05:14


rummum Mon 21-Feb-05 17:52:50

Hello, I Had my son tested at Basingstoke general hospital, (UK) he was refered by the doctor and if I remember rightly the appointment came through fairly quickly, (if it doesn't you could always ring up and ask to be put on the cancelation list)
Hope this helps

Chandra Tue 22-Feb-05 00:23:38

Sansoucy, are you still around?

Chandra Tue 22-Feb-05 00:28:04

One question, I have been to the doctor today and told me I need to be extracareful with peanuts in the mean time while I get to see the pediatrician, should I stop using all those products that may have nut traces too? they had never been a problem in the past. Should I?

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 00:28:14

Chandra, a local family has at least 2 children with epipens (might even be all 3) - the eldest is 12/13 now and they all cope with it very well, and they are lovely bright kids too. It must be very scary when it first crops up but at least you're aware of the risk now and know what needs to be done. XXX

Chandra Tue 22-Feb-05 00:34:28

Thanks Janh, it is not confirmed yet but we are taking some precautions in the mean time, the doctor mentioned about the epipen but said they don't prescribe them unless the diagnosis has been confirmed.

Chandra Tue 22-Feb-05 00:45:58

** sigh *

Chandra Tue 22-Feb-05 00:53:25

I guess I'm going to very alone in this... good night...

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