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Weaning off Neocate Advance - help needed please

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MissisBoot Sun 31-Aug-08 17:31:48

DD is no longer allergic to dairy so I have no need to keep her on the neocate - she, on the other hand, has decided otherwise and won't touch cows milk.

I've tried mixing the two together and she flat right refuses it as its not the same taste/texture (too thick).

I thought about going cold turkey with her - but she has been on a milk strike ever since and shows no sign of letting up. She is 3.6.

Obviously I'm concerned that she is going from a balanced formula to absolutely nothing. She has soya yoghurts (doesn't like the cows milk ones) and literally nibbles at cheese. Have tried turning it into pink milk like lola but she just likes making it up and won't drink any. I've tried not to let on to her that it is an 'issue' as I know that will push her further in the opposite direction.

She has a pretty balanced diet but I'm still worried about what the impact will be on her health - stop me from going and getting another repeat prescription.

Any ideas - what would you do?

MissisBoot Mon 01-Sep-08 18:11:13


maryblue Tue 02-Sep-08 12:16:42

hi there..
have you tried rice milk?my son has that as he's still allergic to dairy (age 4) and you can get it calcium enriched...its much lighter then cows milk and infact I prefer it too on cereal...

MissisBoot Tue 02-Sep-08 14:15:56

Thanks - that a good idea.
Still no further with cows milk - she says is tastes disgusting - She does sometimes drink the soya milkshakes so am trying her on those.

Even though they're older you still worry that they're not getting enough calcium and I've had the safety net of the neocate to stop me worrying about it.

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