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***KERRYMUM***** I have question for you.

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suiledonn Fri 29-Aug-08 09:16:30

Hi Kerrymum, I saw a post where you recommend Epaderm cream and I know you are living in Ireland. (Not a stalker, honestly) Just wondering if you buy it here or online. I bought it online for dd on a recommendation from someone on Mumsnet and it is the best emollient we have used for dd. It would be great if I could get it here but my local chemist couldn't get it for me. TIA.

Ready4anotherCoffee Fri 29-Aug-08 22:37:05

epaderm is fab, but so greasy. Are you also in Ireland? I get it on rx from my chemist, but obv I am in England. Are you able to try different chemists? It is ovailable otc, so you would probably be able to buy it online, but it is heavy- the shipping costs <swoon>

Hopefully Kerrymum is now around, and can help you.

KerryMum Sun 31-Aug-08 18:55:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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