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Eczema - how long do I give creams to work before going back to Dr?

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likessleep Tue 26-Aug-08 09:17:35

My 10 month old DS has suffered quite badly with eczema over last couple of months.
We have used steroidal creams twice and Dr has prescribed Epaderm and Doublebase (after Acqueous cream wasn't working).
We've also used Piriton when DS was being kept awake with the itching, which did take away itching for him.
Anyhow, it seems to have come back again with avengance. I feel totally out of control with how I can manage it. Is this normal? I feel like the only thing that works is hydrocortisone cream. Sometimes I wonder if the moisturisers are any good when he is in the middle of a 'flare up'? I have no experience of eczema, so this is all new to me.
Anyway, my question is, how long do I give the Epaderm and Doublebase before going back to the Doctor and say it isn't working?
I slept in same room as DS on Friday and I realised that he is rubbing his legs against the cot mattress all night.
Today his skin is scaly and bright pink patches behind knees and rash all over bottom half of legs (back of).

bran Tue 26-Aug-08 09:43:10

If you're worried go back to your gp, at least he/she may be able to suggest an alternative. I hope he's feeling better soon.

Have you tried changing your washing powder? I use Filetti for DS's clothes and bedlinen and he will always have at least a small flare up if he wears clothes washed in ordinary powder.

DS has quite mild eczema and I find that the best way to treat it is to use the steroid cream on a flare up until it's gone. I used to be very cautious with the steroid cream and only use it until the flare up improved, but then I found that it would get worse again and I would end up using more cream in the long run. I use Aveeno cream as a moisturiser and Aveeno bath oil (or Oilatum if I run out of Aveeno), and no soap at all except for handwashing after he uses the loo.

beezneez Tue 26-Aug-08 09:48:46

Hi Likessleep. It's true that when they have a bad flare-up, sometimes the only thing that works is hydrocortisone cream - however the moisturisers should hopefully help the rest of the time if you use them regularly.

I tried loads of creams before I found one that suited my DD (who is also 10 months). The one we stick to now is Dermasalve (recommended to me on mumsnet), which I originally bought online but now get on prescription. I was also recommended Aveeno, but it didn't agree with her skin, although it seems to work for lots of people.

In DD's case however the main cause of her eczema turned out to be allergies so it may be worth considering if that could be a factor, especially if there is any history of allergies in the family.

Are you using a mixture of Epaderm and Doublebase? If I were you I would probably use just one of them for a week, then the other for a week, and if they don't seem to be helping, go back to the doctor. However I found most creams actually made DD's skin worse, in which case that was obvious within 1-2 days and I stopped using the cream.

Anyway sorry for such a long-winded reply but I hope it helps and you find a solution!

mumgoingcrazy Tue 26-Aug-08 10:06:26

Hello, unfortunately we are having similar problems with DD1 who is now 3, but until now chinese medicene has always worked for her. The more her skin got used to the steroid cream the stronger it got and we were on a slippery slope. I started a similar thread no so long ago called "Urtacaria and Eczema, nothing working" or something like that and there is some fab advise on there from probiotics to hemp oil to acupuncture. It may be worth a read. I now don't use steroid cream and until a couple of months ago her skin was great but since she got hayfever it flared up again. It has improved since following the advise on my thread so see if there is anything on there you'd like to try.

Would love to know how you get on as it's awful to see the itching driving them mad.

likessleep Tue 26-Aug-08 10:25:22

thank you so much for all of your advice.
i will try the washing powder bran, thank you.
mumgoingcrazy, i am desperate to find alternatives and i saw your previous thread. not sure if i can give prebiotics to 10 month old?

nkf Tue 26-Aug-08 10:33:20

I've had this with my son. I posted recently. In my experience, there comes a point where you need steroids. If the skin has broken, you need steroids. Removing dairy from my son's diet kept the eczema away.

mumgoingcrazy Tue 26-Aug-08 10:48:25

I'm not sure about giving probiotics to a 10 month old either but I think UDo's do various kinds and maybe the infant blend one might be suitable. They may even do a baby one, I've just ordered mine off Amazon so I can check when it arrives.

I do agree with nkf that sometimes steriods are necessary, even if it's to calm down the really sore areas and then keep on with the moisturising.

We also cut out cow's milk and put her onto goats which proved very successful, until a child is 12 months there is a nanny goat formula you can buy until they can have normal goats milk, or there is a follow on nanny goats formula for when they turn 1 yr.

mumgoingcrazy Tue 26-Aug-08 10:54:43

I should also mention that DD1 started with chinese medicene when she was only 8 months so this option would be ok. This kept it all under control until a couple of months ago (she's now 3.5). This was all just using chinese herbs.

Also, acidopholus (the hemeopathic remedy) I'm pretty sure would be a suitable probiotic for a 10 month old. I guess check with the pharmacist before buying although this is pricey stuff! My last pot was £20.

mumgoingcrazy Thu 28-Aug-08 19:02:15

Well I've just completed day 2 of covering DD1 in hemp oil morning and evening and there is real improvement. Mild eczema areas have cleared up and the worse parts have improved. Hemp oil is the business I think!!

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