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Coeliac screen in children

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southernbelle77 Sun 24-Aug-08 06:49:23

DD had a coeliac screen on Thursday. Have just been reading on here that the results can take quite a while to come back. Am no getting really worried as the doctors called me on Friday asking us to go in for an appointment next week (going on Tuesday) as they have the results back. So, how come they came back so quick and does it mean that there is something wrong as we have been called in so quickly??

whispywhisp Sun 24-Aug-08 15:52:47

My DD had the coeliac test and yes it took about 2 weeks for the results. My guess is if the Drs have rung you and asked that you go back in on Tuesday the test has come up with something. But don't worry about it because if it were serious they'd have had you back in on Friday.

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