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need advice for 16 yr old son

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faustina Mon 18-Aug-08 06:09:44

the past few years he's had a reaction to something occasionally - whatever it is gives him swollen lips sometimes inside the mouth, sometimes outside. It goes down when he takes clarityn. It's really hard to tell what exactly is doing this - it's never happened at home as far as I can remember. As examples once it was sausages at his father's (he thinks) - the last time it was guacamole in nyc with me. We went to the gp ages ago and he said just to take antihistamines and that it didn't merit a referral, however the pharmacist said he absolutely needed to see someone as it could get much worse suddenly and that he ought to have an epipen.

anyway - who's right? If it's the pharmacist how do I go about getting reliable and reputable tests without support of gp? also please be convincing in your arguments so I can show doubting 16yo who thinks I am making a fuss about nothing

thanks in advance : )

tatt Mon 18-Aug-08 09:19:42

firstly he needs to carry piriton with him as it works faster than clarityn. Secondly he should be referred because if it develops into anaphylaxis he could have half an hour until he dies. Thirdly you may see a different gp now or they may have had better training since you last went. If they are difficult then mentioning legal liability if your child dies usually produces a referral - although I'd try mentioning the pharmacist first.

It will be difficult as you have no idea what causing it but you may still manage to get an epipen. If he reacts again you need a detailed description of what he ate, including any seasoning.

As you mention sausages I'd ask for tests for lentils and peanuts, unless you are sure he eats both with no problem.

faustina Mon 18-Aug-08 20:24:16

thanks tatt - I rang the allergy helpline this morning and they said the same so I have persuaded him to see the gp again (under protest). After thinking some more it also happened after he ate melon once here - it's so bizarre. He eats all nuts and lentils with no problems. I've told him to make a list.

I just hope the gp will be ok about it

tatt Mon 18-Aug-08 21:20:12

have you heard of exercise induced anaphylaxis? Basically it means you can eat a food most of the time and be OK then eat it after exercise and not be. There is also, unfortunately, idiopathic anaphylaxis (which just means no-one has a clue about cause) and oral allergy syndrome which is a problem with fruit.

I've met someone who had anaphylactic reactions to melon but he didn't put ginger on it, did he as it could have been that instead.

An allergy clinic will at least do an overall IgE level and a few general tests for common allergens. It's really difficult if they don't have any idea what to test for.

stirlingmum Mon 18-Aug-08 22:52:13

Just a thought but my dd is allergic to peas and I have noticed that m&s put pea protein in their sausages and sometimes peas are put into guacamole to give it a brighter green colour.

Only a thought..

faustina Tue 19-Aug-08 06:08:14

nope, he definitely didn't put ginger on the melon, and I know he didn't exercise before the mexican restaurant beyond a slow shuffle through the Chelsea gay pride parade to get there.

stirlingmum he doesn't like peas (sometimes) but has no ill effects

thank you for all the suggestions, it is very frustrating a: not knowing what it could be and b: convincing reluctant son to go to gp who has already dismissed the need for tests

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