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Has anyone had experience of "desensitising" injections?

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pinkwhistle Tue 15-Feb-05 06:19:22

Just took dd to the GP this morning for an infected ezcema patch, and mentioned her stuffy nose. (Briefly, she has eczema, allergic chronic rhinitis, and several allergies.)

He thinks the rhinitis may be linked to her dustmite allergy (well it is certainly not helping!). He says there are courses of injections they can do to help desensitise her.

She is only 8 and he felt she is too young yet. But I am curious about this as I was not aware this was available.

The archives search isn't working at the moment by the way but I am happy to be redirected once they are!

tatt Tue 15-Feb-05 08:07:07

not personally but my brother had a long and painful course of injections to desentitive him to dust. He then discovered, when his condition didn't really improve, that he was allergic to dustmite, dogs and various other things. It was a long time ago (much older brother) and things may have improved but I'd want to see an allergy specialist for advice before trying it. You could try going dairy free or cows dairy free (try goats milk) for a while. Be very careful about her calcium levels if you go totally dairy free. Most likely to be useful if she often loooks red around her nose.

SecondhandRose Tue 15-Feb-05 18:32:03

Oh what wonderful memories that conjures up. Those injections that used to make my arm itch so much I thought I'd need to chop it off!! And no they made no difference at all.

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