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Cold Urticaria

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Hiro Mon 11-Aug-08 20:52:59

Does anyone have any experience of cold urticaria? My 11 year old daughter gets hives if she goes swimming in cold water and sometimes it makes her wheezy and short of breath. This started in April this year when we were on holiday in South Africa. I wonder if the innoculations we had may have triggered the reaction, or the new suntan lotion I used. We are going to our GP tomorrow, but I am keen to hear if anyone else has similar experiences and advice to share. She loves swimming, skiing and fresh air and I am concerned this is going to limit her.

PollyFlinders Mon 11-Aug-08 20:59:41

I suffer from this and it started in pregnancy. The doctor prescribed anti-histamines and they seem to work, although I still get hives on very cold days. Mine is just a minor inconvenience though - unsightly and a little painful (especially on my hands).

I think if it gets really bad they can give you an epipen.

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