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dd1 wheezes if it dusty atmosphere, we have a flooring dilemma!

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misdee Sat 09-Aug-08 17:52:06

for years now, we have had laminate in her bedroom, no curtains or ones that can be washed easily, plus blinds, allergy bedding etc etc and it has cut her night wheezing down massively.

we are hoping to exchange houses soon with someone.

but they have a dog (another no no for dd1), so i have to remove all upstairs carpets. fortunatly all of their downstairs is hard floor so no issues there.

i need to sort out flooring for dd1 room. she will be sharing with dd2 and poissibly dd3 as well.

lkaminate is too noisey for an upstairs room really. we are currently in a bungalow and and have been in flats before so no issue.

i have a fanatsic allergy dyson now (thanks camilla for that one! i still love it), so amthinking i might risk for now, a cheap, low pile carpet until we can afford something a bit better.

would you risk it?

as long as i vac up there every day, it should be ok? rright?


oi Sat 09-Aug-08 17:58:31

we have laminate upstairs and it's not as noisy as I thought it would be. Is so much easier to clean (also have allergy kids - tis foxinsocks here!).

In fact, I think it was you having laminate in the bedrooms that inspired me to change ours.

(is it good news - the new place?)

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Sat 09-Aug-08 18:00:22

I've had laminate flooring upstairs and it's been ok. A lot might depend on the house and how it's built though. Provided you have decent underlay of some sort, you should be ok.

If you think of the expense and trouble you could have if the carpet doesn't work out, or forking out a fortune for a hypoallergenic carpet if such a thing exists, it might be worth considering laminate floors still. What about those carpet-like floor tiles?

PS. I just CAT-ed you. Tickets for Smarter Than A 10 Year Old available for Tues morning - a coach party cancelled. Interested? I can give you web address and phone number to call.

CaptainKarvol Sat 09-Aug-08 18:03:22

Cork? We used to have cork in our bathroom. Not fashionable, but warm, wipeable and not hard and 'ringing' with noise like laminate can.

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Sat 09-Aug-08 18:03:38

Linoleum any good?

misdee Sat 09-Aug-08 19:05:34

i need something that can laid quickly and easily as we move house on the same day as other people. last time we had two weeks to move.

and needs to be cheap as well as on a tight budget this time.

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