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milk allergic dd3 ate milk chocolate biscuits with no ill effect........

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canofworms Thu 07-Aug-08 21:16:15

Just as it says. Dd3 was diagnosed as being allergic to milk at 6 months - had a rash, vomiting and face swelling after having milk. Blood tests confirmed a moderate allergy.

Have since managed to avoid all milk with not too much difficulty. She's got hold of milk twice at nursery and vomited a lot after drinking it so we know there's still a problem.

However, last night dh left a packet of choc chip cookies lying around and I found dd with 1 in each hand and a couple on the floor that she'd taken bites out of. No vomiting no symptoms, nothing!

She's now 18 months and our next appointment isn't until she's 2 when they said they'd try her again with milk. I don't know whether to try and contact the dietician or relax her diet a little and see what happens or carry on as we are.

What does anyone think?

trixymalixy Thu 07-Aug-08 23:08:47

I think the more processed the protein is the less likely it is to cause an allergic reaction.

I would hold off on relaxing her diet until you have seen the specialist again.

Miaou Thu 07-Aug-08 23:13:26

Could it be because it was "cooked" milk rather than fresh stuff? Dh has a milk intolerance (not really a big enough issue to call it an allergy) but he is fine if milk is cooked in, for example, a sauce.

Ignore me if I am way off track, I know little about allergies blush

chapstickchick Thu 07-Aug-08 23:17:32

our ds3 has a milk/dairy allergy he can now tolerate small amounts of milk for a period of time until he then gets a poorly poo and knows hes overdone it .

the specialist told us to adopt the 'try it and see approach' ds is now almost 8 i doubt very much he will ever be able to drink a glass of ice cold milk but at least he can have a drop on his cereal and here and there.

williamsmummy Thu 07-Aug-08 23:18:40

the milk protein in the biscuit must have had its protein structure changed by heat.
for instance dried milk powder.
however, for most dairy allergic this would still cause a problem.

I would be cautiously hopeful of outgrowing.............after all a good group of children do outgrow dairy before school age.

good luck!

raggety Thu 07-Aug-08 23:22:55

dd is intolerant to milk but not allergic. She does best if avoiding dairy altogether but not much worse if she eats cheese, yogurt, etc., just not milk.

I don't know if it is the same for a true milk allergy but most kids are supposed to become more tolerant of various protein foods as they get older.

InvisiblePsychomumVowelThief Thu 07-Aug-08 23:25:41

my children outgrew their milk allergy to a certain extent.

they used to be awful on just traces, and then I started them with biscuits which they managed, and then moved on to more items.

by the time they were three, they were able to cope with foods that contained small amounts of milk, but nothing with large amounts (ie, icecream, yogs, cheese, mash etc).

they are still the same now, altho icecream is ok as long as not everyday...they seem to suffer a 'build-up' effect IYGWIM.

mine were all DX's at less than a year old, and at 2mths in the case of DS2 (DC5).

now all over 5, and all ok apart from needing soya milk for their main milk drink and on cereal.

I however am allergic too, and have yet to 'grow out of it'.......but then, I 'grew into' mine about 6yrs ago, and finally proven 18mths'ish ago.

chapstickchick Sat 09-Aug-08 20:58:40

invisiblepsychomumvowelthief(phhhhhhhew) thats exactly how ds3 is - i thought we were alone smile

wb Sun 10-Aug-08 11:33:55

Ds1 is in the process of outgrowing his milk allergy. He has always been OK with things with small amounts of cooked milk in - like a cake made with ordinary margarine - but couldn't tolerate 'raw' milk at all.

By 18mo he could tolerate margarine but failed a challenge at the hospital after only a teaspoon of milk.

Now at 2.5 he is OK with cheese - ext step is a challenge w. yogurt at the hospital.

Once I knew he was OK w. biscuits etc w. milk in I began to give them v. occasionally but didn't move on from there for a year. I once read that the order for reintroduction goes something like this:
-small amounts of milk in cooked things like cake/sausages etc
-hard cheeses
-soft cheeses
- yogurt
-white sauces
-ice cream

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