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Please help me interpret my DD's allergy test results

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Smithagain Wed 06-Aug-08 18:37:46

The background is that we have a strong family history of allergy, including DH having a severe nut allergy.

DD1 is six and has just had blood tests for allergy to peanuts, a range of tree nuts and bee and wasp stings. (She had a weird reaction to a bee sting as a toddler - hence the tests.)

The report states that all her results are within the "normal range" - i.e. not allergic. The result for each individual allergen is stated to be <0.10 kUA/L. Under "Total Serum IgE, the result is 11 ku/L. The normal range is stated as being 0-52.

Does this sound like a reasonably conclusive sort of test - I know there are different techniques around and I need to decide how confident I am in the results. We are planning to do a careful food challenge at home (they won't do it in hospital), so that we know whether she needs to carry on avoiding nuts when she is out at parties, friends' houses etc.

wb Wed 06-Aug-08 19:23:24

Sounds pretty conclusive to me but would be interested in what others say.

Did she have skin prick tests as well?

desperatehousewifetoo Wed 06-Aug-08 19:31:34

My ds had blood tests at an allergy review in Jan which came back in the normal range for egg.

At his last consultant appointment in may they did skin prick tests (saying if no reaction he would be challenged in hospital) and he had a reaction so they obviously said they could not challenge it yet.

He has had postive results for nuts and egg since he was first tested at age 3/4yrs (and obvious allergic reactions since weaning). So i guess the difference is that your dd has not has any reactions. (don't they say that food allergies do not run in families?)

Not sure if that really helps you or not!

Smithagain Wed 06-Aug-08 19:50:35

No, she hasn't had any skin prick tests. They don't offer them on the NHS round here - they say the blood tests are more reliable.

And no, she has never had an allergic reaction to food - but she did have a reaction to a bee sting which we thought was an allergic reaction. It was remarkably similar to DH's early reactions to nuts, before he had his first incident of anaphylaxis.

Toothache Wed 06-Aug-08 19:54:08

the result shows how much of the antibody IgE (immunoglobulin E)is in a litre of blood that would trigger an allergic reaction in the presence of specific allergens... her results are pretty low so I think it pretty conclusive.

desperatehousewifetoo Wed 06-Aug-08 19:59:22

So can you explain why my ds registered in 'normal' range for blood test then had a reaction when given skin prick test. All consultant said was 'this happens sometimes'.hmm

Smithagain Wed 06-Aug-08 20:00:11

Thanks Toothache - that's the sort of technical stuff I'm interested in.

So in other words, the "total serum" figure of 11 ku/L means that overall she's got a low amount of IgE in her blood, making her relatively unsusceptible to an allergic reaction?

And the other figures mean that they've also looked at some specific allergens and still not picked up any signs of allergic reaction?

MegBusset Wed 06-Aug-08 20:04:26

DS's consultant told us the blood tests are not considered conclusive in themselves, just that they can help point towards a conclusion along with other evidence.

For example, DS tested negative to a dairy allergy but has had plenty of skin reactions to cows' milk. OTOH he tested "off the scale" for an egg allergy yet has had no skin reaction and is fine with stuff with a small amount of egg in, like cake.

What does your consultant make of it? Sounds like a food challenge is a good idea, that's what they recommended we do with peanuts (he tested negative for allergy although he has had reactions to lentils, which can be related). Having said that, we haven't been brave enough to do it yet!

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