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chonic idiopathic urticaria

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dustyb Sun 03-Aug-08 10:31:23

hi does anyone suffer from chronic idiopathic urticaria and are they on daily antihistamine. If so did you saty on tehm through pregnancy? If not how did you cope with the itching?

stretchmarkqueen Tue 19-Aug-08 15:00:58

Hi, just saw this! Don't know if I'm too late?

I suffer from chronic urticaria.
Mine is triggered by stress and heat. It got progressively worse throughout pregnancy, but has kinda eased off a bit at the moment. I take piriton (non drowsy), i took it during pregnancy and am now BF. Before that I took Neoclarityn, but have to stop while pregnant and BF.

You can use calamine lotion on affected areas. Looks great!! grin Night time was the worse, frequent cool baths were needed. I also tried oat-filled socks in my bath, but TBH, I don't think it helped. Worth a try??

Hope this helps.

Tapster Tue 26-Aug-08 08:31:45

Your GP will advise taking Piriton throughout pregnancy. However, I had severe side effects plus it did not control my urticaria during my first pregnancy. I took it for the first pregnancy up to 12 weeks then went back to zirtek and I'm still BFing my DD 21 months old taking it.

This time I have not taken piriton at all but remained with zirtek. I couldn't look after my toddler with all the side effects. There is no evidence that zirtek will lead to birth defects but as they can't test on pregnant women there is no evidence that it does lead to defects. I changed GP as my first was adamant that I took Piriton all 40 weeks but my urticaria is so serious that I wouldn't have had a second child if I had to do that. My new GP is supportive although he says he can't formally endorse my decision.

You have to remember that lots of women are taking antihistiminese for hayfever and don't realise they are pregnant.

ghosty Tue 26-Aug-08 08:37:42

Yes, I have this ... was recently diagnosed and in the process of doing an elimination diet to see if it is something I am eating.
It only started in October (very very long story that I posted on here about me thinking I had fleas and then 'flea bombing' the house which caused a very nasty looking Aussie 8 legged thing to come out of its hole and lurch in a stoned way across my bedroom ceiling blush)
When the doctor told me the diagnosis I was concerned and said hesitantly, "That sounds serious Doctor, is is curable?" and he said, "Chronic means 'goes on for a long time', Idiopathic means 'don't know what causes it' and Urticaria means 'severe itching or hives'"
I could have bloody told him that for nothing hmmgrin

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