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When to try dairy/gluten

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Fingerbobs Mon 28-Jul-08 18:55:15

I'd be grateful for any advice from the obviously very clued-up people on here. My ds is 8.5 months and has a tiny bit of excema on his ankles - it started at 4mo whilst he was exclusively bf. I started weaning him at 6mo and he's now happily eating most things.
I've held off gluten but he has had a portion of porridge containing gluten by accident, and also dairy, although he has one formula feed per day. So should I just go the whole hog and give him a bit of toast? And then (at a different point) some cheese? Can anybody tell me why you're supposed to wait until 9 months for these? Or should I wait longer? All I can find is 'wait with these foods until 9-12 months' but I can't really see why not...
Advice appreciated, thanks.
Oh, forgot to say I have horrible, awful, currently v. v. painful excema so would really like to avoid inflicting same on ds, if at all possible.

Turniphead1 Mon 28-Jul-08 19:05:50

I would just go ahead and give it. Start with toast for a week and then try dairy so you can isolate iof there is a skin reaction. Many many children have excema and its not food related. I understand your concerns (I have a DD with both execema and dairy/egg allergy) but there is as much evidence that NOT exposing children to allergens early on can cause allergies as there is for the opposite view.

Where is the 9 month advice contained (genuine Q - my youngest is nearly 3 and that wasn't the advice then, but it changes all the time...)

Fingerbobs Mon 28-Jul-08 19:19:46

That well-known source of medical advice, Annabel Karmel! blush But also I think 'What to expect...', possibly?

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