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signs your baby has a reaction to baby milk

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bubblebell Wed 16-Jul-08 21:32:31


i have 2 children one is 5 yrs old the other is 5mths old at around 3mth he was very poorly with chronic eczema i went to the doctors solidly for a month he was antibiotics all the time i was so sad as my other son was always in perfect health.. ad one day i woke up to see a watery leakage from his neck and a like nettle rash all over his body and was frantic i went to the doctors knowing he was going to have his 3rd lot of antis and more cream i couldnt keep it toghether i burst out crying she asked me what iwas weaning him on i said nothing just baby milk hes got an allergy to either the lactose or protien Stop it now....

well with in 12 hrs i had a completely diff baby ... i swear a lot of mums feed there baby milk because like myself its the norm

IF YOU NOTICE...........

constant runny nappies up to 3 mths
swollen tummy
explosive nappies
aggitation restlessness
constant farting and straining
on more bottles than normal

it could be a sign,for me my child is now 5 mths old happy and content no eczema no creams sleeps through...

i know know for the mean time my child is diary intolerant normally grows out of it about a year but im far without my problems all the things you would normally wean a child on is out of the question so heres my next step has any of you mums expierenced this and how did you tackle weaning.

kind regards for reading the book lol

misscutandstick Thu 17-Jul-08 14:03:58

soya milk and baby rice, babyfood as same as the rest... however check every label, as IT WILL state if it has milk in it. Im sorry thats not much use, but thats what i had... a baby with a problem with the milk protein problem, intolerance to casein. DS5 is now 2, and hes still got a problem with it. Hes also preDx PDD (autism)... just thought that was worth a mention...

desperatehousewifetoo Thu 17-Jul-08 14:16:56

Just make your own liquidised fruit and veg. Give only one food for the first few trys and check for a reaction. Once you have a few 'safe' foods, you can start conbining them to make more interesting meals. Just because your ds has milk allergy, does not mean he will necessarily have other ones too, so don't lose heart.

My ds had no evidence of allergy until over a year when he started throwing up after various foods. Took about 6months to realise it was eggs that caused the reaction. Another few months to add peanuts and hazlenuts to the list. He still has serious allergy to them, age 6yrs.

Whereas, my dd had immediate reaction to banana when weaning, so thought, here we go, she'll be even worse with allergies. She was fine with all other things and now, age 3yrs, eats everything, including banans without any problems.

BalloonSlayer Fri 18-Jul-08 09:56:18

Call me a shite mum if you like but although I did do fruit and veg first purees for my babies, when they got a bit bigger I cracked (mainly because I find it hard to make nice stuff without milk in) and ended up with jars.

Hipp organic ones have quite a few which don't contain milk, for example:

dinners: cottage pie, sweet squash and chicken, penne pasta with ham (but the penne with courgette contains milk!) to name a few

puds: banana and rice pudding, banana and peach dessert, apple and pear pudding, and quite a few others. They are all YUMMY.

Cow and Gate do quite a few too but the ingredients are so small I can hardly read them (poor old dear!)

I borrowed the Annabel Karmel book and there are quite a few good weaning recipes in there which don't contain milk. But blush I haven't made any of them...

desperatehousewifetoo Fri 18-Jul-08 11:56:23

Oh, don't get me wrong, I used jars too. Especially if going out or away. But early on, when they are only having a taste of something and if there are concerns about allergies, I think it's easier (and safer) to do the old ice trays with just one type of food. Much easier to eliminate allergies that way.

Once they have trie range of foods with, hopefully, no ill affects you can move on to jars if need be. I think they are much better now than they were in my day too. Much more like 'real food'.

I had two Annbel Karmel books too and never cooked anything from them either! My ds just used them as picture books.

williamsmummy Fri 18-Jul-08 15:39:41

signs of classic food allergy in infants under 3 months ( esp breastfed infants)

poor to slow weight gain
poor sleep pattern, unable to sleep for solid periods of time.

my allergic son had dry skin by day 10 after birth, day 15 dxn with eczema

v slow weight gain, underweight.

poor sleep pattern unable to sleep for more than an hour solid at a time.

first slept for 5 hours at 9 months old.

rebelmum1 Fri 18-Jul-08 15:51:37

I'd add runny nose to the symptoms of milk intolerance, my dd produced far too much mucus and suffered terribly, as well as excema and runny bum. I'm dairy intolerant and it still took me a while to recognise the symptoms, it was only after pneumonia I stopped cows milk altogether and she has gone from strength to strength. She has never had cheese and I cook without milk generally, fish pies cottage pies, mashed pots, rice, pulses. I don't add milk to things.

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 18-Jul-08 15:52:37

Don't use soya milk before age 2. Assuming he has hypoallergenic formula you can just use that to mix with normal fresh food. I didn't find it particularly hard tbh, so am not sure exactly what your concerns are. You will want 'Pure' or 'Vitalite' as a butter substitute.

canofworms Sun 20-Jul-08 22:06:45

You should be referred to a paediatrician or a dietician at the very least who will help you through weaning. What are you using at the moment?

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