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Gluten-free toddler - when to go to the doctor?

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rubytwokids Tue 15-Jul-08 14:39:07

Hello all. I'm looking for some advice, please. DS (2 next Thurs) has been on a gluten-free diet since the new year. He is also off dairy and soya. Dairy, wheat and rye all go straight through him and then he is out of sorts and off his food for days. The jury is still out on soya, but as dd had a dairy and soya intolerance for her first 4-5 years, GP advised me to cut it out of ds's diet too. On his special diet he is a LOT healthier than when off it, but still not 100%. (Still has some pretty vile nappies, but not so many and is overall happier.)

There is a history of coeliac disease and gluten-intolerance in my family. I've held off going to the GP (other than just to register my concern) until now as I didn't think testing was v. reliable before age two.

What I'd like to know is: should I now take ds for coeliac testing? I know I'd have to put him back on a diet including wheat and I'm not looking forward to that!


tribpot Tue 15-Jul-08 14:47:57

Interesting, I've kept ds off wheat and oats for probably the last two years (he's 3) and also haven't been able to face putting him on wheat long enough to make a coeliac test meaningful. He probably isn't though as his dad's wheat-intolerant (not oat-intolerant though) and isn't a coeliac.

No advice really, other than good luck if you do put him back on wheat - and happy birthday for next Thurs!

I will say ds has had a bit of wheat lately (a very small bit) and so far it doesn't seem to have done him any harm, which would be brilliant.

Ricedish Wed 16-Jul-08 12:53:19

Ricedish Wed 16-Jul-08 12:55:30

Sorry, forgot to mention, visit these folks on the gluten free forum. I have used the site since my DD was diagnosed with CD in March last year, and they are fantastic.

Just watch out for Steve, hes a naughty boy

Ricedish Wed 16-Jul-08 13:15:48

My daughter was tested at 17 months (positive).

Tried to PM you but couldn't. Get on the GF MB, for further advice.

coe114c Wed 16-Jul-08 13:21:43

Ruby have you contacted coeliac UK for advice? If you get him tested then at least you can get stuff on prescription. My son was diagnosed last year and it is awful having to give them stuff you know is making them ill but at least you will have a proper diagnosis and it is better to get it over with before he knows any different.

KazzaL Wed 16-Jul-08 13:24:27

Also have a look at - I have coeliac disease as does my mum, and know other "coeliac families" so despite what the experts say it very definitely does run in familes and indeed a prof at one of the London hosp/unis has just done a study and confirmed this.

Unfortunately the only way to get a positive test is to have a gluten containing diet for at least 6 weeks, but if you want to be able to get food on prescription you have to do it.

I'm currenlty waiting to have DS1 tested, he's now 15mths and his poo has got looser & looser since he was weaned. Although he hasn't shown many of the classic symptoms - weight loss, extended tummy etc - i didn't and he has had a horrendous cough since Jan which has been treated with many things, so I've now pushed for a coeliac blood test to rule this out.

Good luck, I know having to get used to & live with a gluten free diet is very hard work, it is worth it

KazzaL Wed 16-Jul-08 13:28:03

Oops coe114c & I must have been typing at the same time!

I remember the first time I gave DS1 weetabix for breakfast and a little voice in my head saying to "you're poisoning your son" - pretty horrible, but a coeliac is on the diet and are careful about what they eat, the improvement is pretty quick.

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