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help with milk for lactose intolerance

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fairibell Tue 15-Jul-08 13:15:49

All of my husbands family are severely lactose intolerant and for the last 2 week my daughter (now 7 weeks) has been on enfamily lactofree - she is a much much happier baby, not screaming suring feeds etc etc - but now she is very very constipated - been to the gp for meds to help and doubled the dose etc still no help, also she is having 1oz of water between feeds and 1tsp of orange juice in water twice a day - still her poos are quite hard (not as hard as before though) and very small.

HV has said that can either change to SMA LF, change to soy (although are problems with that, although mostly in boys and my husband has it from birth and is fine!) or try a hypoallergenic formula (like netramigen... but she said not to ask for that one and said some of the newer ones are better and taste much better... any ideas what they are? she was talking so fast!) - GP will pretty much go with any of the options..

just like some opinions really....
thanks so much

madmarriedNika Tue 15-Jul-08 13:45:07

The lactose free formula we were recommended (for slighty different reasons) uses hydrolysed milk protein and was made by Cow & Gate- Pepti-Junior I think.

However this was only available on prescription. But the dietician who recommended it thought it was the best lactose free milk... Tastes disgusting IMO but babies seem to adust to the taste ok.

Good luck x

fairibell Tue 15-Jul-08 13:53:41

ahh think that was the one she mentioned! seems to be an aptamil one too looking at their website!

shrinkingsagpuss Thu 17-Jul-08 19:12:31

My DS had wysoy when I stopped b/f him as he was very allergic - it smelt foul but he liked it! But he was older, and was being weaned, so don't know how it would have effetced constipation

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