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Viral Rash

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emmywoo Tue 15-Jul-08 13:15:13

Dear All, dd is 20mo. At 13mo she got an anaphalatic shock(soz about spelling), they put it down to a reaction to a virus. Before and after this she had a rash which again they put down to the virus. At the mo, she has had a cold and cough for about 3 weeks. Docs have given me antibiotics for her but she keeps getting a rash. It can be anywhere over her body and sometimes appears in spots. It is not raised, just a blotchy rash. She seems fine in herself (apart from cold and cough). Once the rash has appeared it seems to go quite quickly. Can you please advise if this is normal and if there is anything I can give her.

madmarriedNika Wed 16-Jul-08 13:04:28

So sorry to hear that your DD has an anaphalatic shock, that must have been terrifying and probably very hard not being 100% sure what caused it.

My DS often gets a rash like you describe at the end of a nasty cold or cough, and often gets a rash when he has a full-blown chest infection (that requires antibiotics). So mainly it appears it's a reaction to viruses, something to do with the way the body breaks down viruses affects his skin, or the general inflammatory immune response (his eczema also gets worse whenever he had a bad cold/cough)

If it seems to annoy her, e.g. appears itchy, then try using Piriton antihistamine to take away the itchiness. If it seems really bad a mild hydrocortisone ointment can be applied for 5 days over the rash. Otherwise I recomend chamomile lotion, or a cooling moisturiser (dream cream by Lush is great)

Good luck x

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