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Confused again after hospital visit

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Mummymoo178 Thu 10-Jul-08 21:14:02

I attended a appointment with the consultant for dd 2yrs yesterday. They took blood to test for egg, nuts, gluten and dairy allergy, although she has only shown reactions to dairy. She is also prescribed piriton which she had taken twice on the day.
They have also done these tests before and were inconclusive. I have come away with more questions that I went with can anyone help please. She still displays symptoms even though she is on a dairy and egg free diet. Symptoms are diahorrea, rashs, acid smelling stools and not thriving. (I have reduced her soya intake which has improved this slightly but been told to continue with soya for calcuim)

Is testing her blood a worth while exercise?
Should I push for a skin prick test?
What is the best age for testing?
Would a allergy clinic do things differently?
Any experience of homeopathic treatments and alternative therapys?

tatt Fri 11-Jul-08 13:10:57

possibly coeliac so blood test definitely a good idea. If she is coeliac dealing with that may allow her to have dairy if she is not allergic and only has gastrointestinal reactions.

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