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Is anyone else allergic to the sun?

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ingles2 Sat 05-Jul-08 22:40:00

Because I am totally fed up....
the minute I expose an inch of my skin to the sun I come out in the most disgusting rash and blisters. Last year we went camping in the south of france, I looked terrible...we're going again in August and this year I would so love to wear a strappy dress. GP says to cover up at all times.... hmm I'd like to see him swimming in the south of France with the dc's wearing a poloneck and long trousers.
Has anyone got any tips or remedies?
Anyone else suffer like this?

ingles2 Sat 05-Jul-08 22:42:06

btw it's not prickly heat...the rash is in exposed areas that don't sweat,..chest, shoulders, arms, legs

mangelwurzel Sat 05-Jul-08 22:42:55

UV protective clothing?

Or one of these?

aviatrix Sat 05-Jul-08 22:44:09

Message withdrawn

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 05-Jul-08 22:44:17

Yes me.

Sun = immediate rash- my 'itchy scratchies' .DH says I;m the only person he knows who sits underneath towels on beaches.

Will watch this thread with interest.

bran Sat 05-Jul-08 22:44:27

I'm not allergic to the sun but I burn very easily and hate the feel of sunshine on my skin so I would never agree to go on a sunshine/beach holiday. How come you don't holiday somewhere that the whole family (including you) can have a good time?

I guess the best thing that you can do is bring a good sunshade/beach umbrella and stay under it with a good book.

Frizbe Sat 05-Jul-08 22:44:36

Go to your Dr and get a referal to Dermatology at your local hospital, they can provide treatments to help in the long run, I've got a friend who is a Derma nurse, who is forever telling me about all the things they can do to help with various skin conditions prickily heat type sun conditions too smile

aviatrix Sat 05-Jul-08 22:45:03

Message withdrawn

Orinoco Sat 05-Jul-08 23:09:37

Message withdrawn

ingles2 Sun 06-Jul-08 11:28:12

oooo Thanks for all the replies. I was starting to wonder if it was just me grin
I'm not on the pill, I was wondering if I'm using the wrong sort of sun screen. I've just bought Simple sensitive which is camphor based. Anyone know if it should be zinc oxide based?
Don't get me wrong, I love camping and I love a beach holiday. I just don't want to be walking round like one great big red rash with everyone staring at me.
I think I'll have to go back to the GP and insist on a referral.
Orinoco, what antihistamine do you take? Do you ever have drowsiness or any of the side affects?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 06-Jul-08 11:34:51

Yes me. - Google polymorphic light eruption ingles.

You need to use a sunscreen with very high UVA protection (not the thing they measure by factor that's UVB - look for a 5 star rating) I use an antihistamine called Telfast 180 available on prescription, it's the only one that works for me and I have to take it before I go out in the sun. The active ingredient is Terfanidine (sp) I think.

It can be hormone related and I have to say that mine hasn't flared this year; whether that's because I'm taking all the right precautions I don't know. Oddly I'm also allergic to extremes of cold and get hives on exposed areas.

ingles2 Sun 06-Jul-08 16:09:23

That's Brilliant Saggar.... that's exactly what I have.
Will go armed to doddery old lovely GP.
Thanks a lot

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 16:10:22

oh me too! the rash and blisters... and god help you if you scratch!
its a bugger isnt it?

NotQuiteCockney Sun 06-Jul-08 16:11:59

I've just started having this - I looked into it, and it sounds like it's worse at the start of your exposure. It does seem to have settled down for the summer, thank god.

ingles2 Sun 06-Jul-08 16:24:05

It's just embarrassing really. I'm not too bad in this country, my chest, shoulders and arms are a bit spotty at the moment but nothing terrible. Last year though I looked such a mess, my limbs were totally covered sad
my hands and feet are gorgeous though grin

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 16:24:48

that link was really informative, thanks ingles and saggar.
didnt realise it had a proper name...

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 06-Jul-08 16:27:18

Glad to have helped ingles - but sorry you have it. It is worse on your first few exposures to the sun so if you watch the weather forecast and take the antihistamines in time you can fend it off.

How are you NQC? Was it you that can't take antihistamines? I forgot to mention before but my GP said betacarotene supplements might help but I've never tried them. Plus I believe too much can make you orange hmm

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 16:28:38

i lived in a hot country for 4 months of the summer of 99. i 'trained' my skin to be ok by always wearing v high factor, staying out of midday sun, and exposing my whole bod to the sun for a short time every day. started at 10 minutes and slowly worked upwards. i also could be bothgered to moisturise entire body after cold refreshing shower daily. my skins never been so nice, and it took months for the resulting tan to fade.
trouble in the UK is that you just cant predict the weather. so mostly i just sit in the shade, wear high factor sunblock and fake tan and hope for the best.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 06-Jul-08 16:30:51

I do think that the British weather is a problem. We don't seem to have a 'build up' to summer. One day it's freezing, the next its hot and we strip off knowing it will only last for a week! Your skin is either completely covered or over exposed.

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 16:34:15

yep. im a shade lover now.
my mums had loads of skin cancers removed now so im much less inclined to be in the sun much anyway.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 06-Jul-08 16:36:15

Yeah, it's me who can't take antihistamines, or at least, if I take the daytime ones, I get very cross at everyones. blush

My itching and rash weren't too bad, and I think they've gone now. At least, I managed to get a bit burned on Thursday, but have no rash. I'll have most of August in Canada, so in proper sun, and should be fine.

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 16:41:05

well if it was thursday you might be alright... mine takes a few days to come up - usually a 'surprise' sunny day in spring when ive been outside and my arms are uncovered, then a few days later... the sodding blisters. v irritating.
i hadnt thought of taking antihistamines

WendyWeber Sun 06-Jul-08 16:44:54

I have it too. I kindly allow my family to go on holiday to warm places but wear long-sleeved shirts & long trousers all the time sad (luckily we no longer have small children to be monitored)

If I forget to sunscreen my feet I get hideous red blotchy rashes on them too.

Agree with you about the British on-off weather, Saggars, we can never get acclimatised, can we. (We lived in America for 4 years & I did actually manage to get beyond the rash there.)

WendyWeber Sun 06-Jul-08 16:50:35

Oh, we had a hot weekend away in May & I used Ambre Solaire milk SPF50 which seemed to work OK & isn't one of those pasty zinc oxide ones.

I do find putting it on at least 30 mins before you go out makes a difference.

ingles2 Sun 06-Jul-08 17:00:08

Luckily I'm not a sunbather... but we are sailors and love water sports so it's difficult to keep covered all the time.
Being desensitized, in Saggars link, sounds good...

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