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Question for those with babies who have eczema on face

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newbiemumzee Sat 21-Jun-08 13:20:00

My dd is currently 6 months old and has atopic eczema pretty much all over. She has been seen by a dermatologist and really improving but when she is tired and/or sleeping she always needs to scratch her head or rub her face. Subsequently this manages to undo all the good work we do throughout the day - we put socks on her hands but she'll constantly rub which still does the damage so I'll hold her hands, and if she's not in the mood she'll go ballistic!
Just wondered what other MNers do - do you let your los rub even with their hands covered because my dds skin comes up red raw if I let her?

Salleroo Sat 21-Jun-08 18:42:52

Mine is 7.5 and similar to you has it all over. Have been to healers, homeopaths and the dermatologist and finally she is much better. Same re tiredness and sleeping. We tie her to the cot, and though this sounds cruel, it works for us and she is now used to it. I have a cotton scarf the goes under her, then both hands are tied by her sides (kind of like manacles) and then the ends are tied to the cot. She has a little movement but not enough to get to her face.

The first time I saw her tied up I was pretty anxious but she sleeps better and is used to it to the stage. I'm trying to see if she will sleep without and she tosses and turns and as soon as I slip her hands into the loops, off she goes.

Ensure the loops are over the babygrow to stop chaffing her wrists and tight enough that she cant escape but not too tight that you restrict blood flow.

We tried the mittens and she rubbed herself raw.

Good luck

newbiemumzee Thu 26-Jun-08 23:56:01

Salleroo, we did do something similar with a long towel but the ends went behind her back instead so her own body weight would hold her down iyswim. Thing is she is so strong now and can flip over she's like a little Houdini and gets out of it by morning lol, it stops her from scratching at the beginning of the evening though which is when she usually does it.
I feel so sorry for her though having to restrict her movement but now when she manages to break out she actually wakes herself up so it looks like she needs it to stay asleep.

thisisyesterday Fri 27-Jun-08 00:00:13

a good friend of mine has a son with terrible eczema all over.
I did a lot of research online and came up with Hope's relief cream. I don't know if you've tried it?

anyway, everything I read about it was really good, friend tried it and said it was amazing.

so, erm, no real advice about what to do at night, but a recommendation for cream. and if it improves then hopefully nighttimes will get better?

MrsMacaroon Fri 27-Jun-08 00:14:50

newbie- have you tried Aveeno?

Snugglepaws Fri 27-Jun-08 10:37:40

Hello .Just for anyone who would like to look at eczema friendly clothing .our sleepsuits have enclosed mittens to help prevent our little ones damaging their skin further .I developed the clothes as my son has had severe eczema over 80% of his body. Please go to

newbiemumzee Sat 28-Jun-08 09:11:25

Mrs Macaroon, yes we tried Aveeno, and probably every cream going! As lo's skin is very dry Aveeno just wasn't moisturising enough, as soon as we slapped it on 10 mins later her skin felt dry again! We are now using a combination of Doublebase and Epaderm, depending on how her skin is throughout the day - if it's really dry it will soak up the Doublebase first, Epaderm is good for keeping it locked in.
thisisyesterday, I'll try Hope's cream - thanks for the suggestion. Just need to find some way of easing the itch as sometimes given half a chance she won't stop.
Snugglepaws, did your son also have eczema on the face? The problem I have is that even when their hands are covered they can carry on rubbing until the skin is red raw.

Sunflower100 Mon 30-Jun-08 10:26:35

LOs with eczema are often very hot babies - are you vigilant about keeping her cool? This was probably the most useful thing the eczema clinic told me and it really helped our dd. Often she's in far fewer clothes than all her pals!
doublebase applied about 8 times a day really helped my DD too.

misdee Mon 30-Jun-08 10:31:41

dd1 always used to strip off aty nursery as she was 'hot and itchy'.

we use sleepsuits from the eczema clothing company, cotton comfort. they were a godsend to us. even mini houdini dd1, slept better in th hours she wwas in one before she escaped.

make sure you use the emoillants all the time, and as much as you need. i used to slater dd1 all over before bed, and then if she was really bad, would go and put more on before i went to bed. i also used to have to put it on during the night when she was really bad.

also invest in a fan in baby's room. keep the room cool as possible.

bambi06 Thu 17-Jul-08 20:49:37

epaderm cream is brill in pharmacy.we have it prescribed..its a pot of heavy emollient cream which can be used in the bath,soap or moisturiser..we also used pure potions skin salvation .look it up online..its a complete natural very thick waxy cream..a lot goes a long way and by next morning skin is still soft..

Kbear Thu 17-Jul-08 20:53:02

Cut bananas out of her diet. This was the trigger for my DS's atopic eczema and cutting them out truly was a miracle cure. Please try it.

youngbutnotdumb Thu 17-Jul-08 20:57:14

My DS did this too stopped using soapy products even sensitiveones and used Aqueous to moisturise face around 12 times a day (as advised) and even through night just put a big blob on face and let soak in seemed to be the best thing if you keep it in the fridge it cools the itch. Cut out anything citrus for DS too.

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