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is stork marg dairy free

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MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:29:16

Son is allergic to dairy eggs and nuts. He is going to a local secondary school for a taster day and is going to be making flapjacks.
I spoke to the school and it was decided that they would all use stork marg for the cooking... its what MIL uses in his cakes...

anyway while I was checking it out in Tesco's earlier I realised there is two types of Stork... stork pasty in foil and stork in a tub, one of them said it contained buttermilk shock..... is this right.. does one contain dairy....

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MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:49:54

H E L P. . . . . . .

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chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 21:50:33

Not diary free!

chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 21:52:01

OK...fat fingers not dairy calendar entries!

MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:52:25


Thanks chilledmama.... will send him in with his pure spread.....

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bellavita Sun 15-Jun-08 21:53:18

Yes, the tub one contains buttermilk - this is what I use for baking cakes and scones.

I have never used the other one, but on my tub in the fridge it says the other one is best used for making pastry and shallow frying but does not say what it contains.

MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:53:19

OK...fat fingers not dairy calendar entries! hmm... what....

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Winetimeisfinetime Sun 15-Jun-08 21:54:24

I don't think it is dairy free - but not absolutely sure.

I use 'Pure' which you can get at Tesco or Sainsburys in either a soya or sunflower version. It is definitely vegan, so dairy free and is fine for baking with.

chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 21:55:58

found this online...

On the bottom of the tub we have the ingredients which are vegetable oils, salt, buttermilk, emulsifier, flavourings, vitamin E, citric acid, preservative, colour and vitamins A and D.

Winetimeisfinetime Sun 15-Jun-08 21:56:43

Pure is a margarine btw. You can find it in the chiller cabinet with all the other marg.

chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 21:57:27

cause first time I wrote diary not dairy...wink

MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:58:49

thanks chilledmama... have trawlled the stork website and couldn't find the ingredients..

Winetimeisfinetime.. I use pure at home...

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Winetimeisfinetime Sun 15-Jun-08 22:03:01

Soz - have just read the thread properly - I thought you needed a dairy free alternative to Stork. Will the school let your ds take a tub of Pure in to do his baking with?

chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 22:03:37

no problemo...what else is a girl going to do when she should be packing for holidays!!!grin

MumRum Sun 15-Jun-08 22:10:25

Winetimeisfinetime... I'm sure they won't mind at all, only the teacher said she would provide it and I messed up...

chilledmama... have a good time smile

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chilledmama Sun 15-Jun-08 22:13:29

Thank you...can I have some flapjack when I get back [cheeky emoticon]

Mummymoo178 Mon 16-Jun-08 20:55:14

The other alternative is vitalite, dairy free and great for baking, i use the chef at the nursery and anyone else i can convert to make dd life easier.

hope they taste good

icingoccasions Wed 06-Aug-14 06:47:26

stork block margarine is dairy free and nut free and can be used in cakes and pastries and biscuits too. contains no buttermilk. Block margarines are hard because they contain no butter milk.

PlacidApricots Wed 06-Aug-14 06:53:24

Icing! FFS check the date on these things this is a 6 year old thread!

missroll Tue 28-Apr-15 18:11:44

PlacidApricots... How rude!! I just found it useful!!!

GeorgieBe Sun 29-Jul-18 10:16:17


I have just googled in 2018 and this has came up as a result- so any additional information is still useful

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