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probiotics for a one year old, biocare or solgar???

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alibo Sat 22-Jan-05 10:39:52

would like to try a probiotic for ds for excema,but not sure which one to try. has anyone used biocare or solgar powders?? also which one is the best for boosting general immunity??

NatureDoc Mon 24-Jan-05 21:24:19

both great - Solgar is cheaper!

alibo Wed 26-Jan-05 13:10:36

thanks naturedoc, do you know which probiotic is best for excema, as notice there are two different infant ones?

NatureDoc Sun 30-Jan-05 21:41:33

The Biocare Infanitis is for up to 6 months but Solgar or Biocare are both as good as each other for 6 months plus. Good luck.

ecomum Thu 03-Feb-05 20:45:10


Does anyone know where you can buy these probiotics. I recently asked a dermatologist if she could prescribe some - and was refused because she didn't believe they worked (to be honest I don't think she knew the first thing about them)!


marz Fri 04-Feb-05 14:01:37

I don't think that you can them on prescription but you can get them in health food shops. They are not cheap though!

alibo Sun 06-Feb-05 14:12:25

i asked my gp about them, and he looked at me with a blank expression; he admitted to knowing nothing about them (??!)

tesni Mon 04-Apr-05 15:29:26

have a look here

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