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Poss asthma caused by puppy? Help!

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piffle Mon 17-Jan-05 21:47:57

We got our puppy two weeks ago, 12 days ago dd developed a runny nose, eyes, mucousy cough, but was not ill as such. All nose and eye fluids etc were clear and she carried on as normal
BUT cough at night got worse and worse and wrose and finally today I took her back to the docs who handed me a ventolin and face mask thingy and said try that, if she stops coughing at night you have your answer.
Gave it to her
She's stopped coughing
She has never hd anything like this before, she is not overly wheezy at all...

Anyone else, does this sound right to you?

tr Wed 02-Feb-05 11:13:35

might be the puppy. never had any animals but my dd is allergic to dogs BUT only the ones that malt i.e dogs with short hair. she seems fine with dogs with long hair! The hospital told me she allergic to dogs but it took my own research and conclusion to realise thats its not all dogs. its just short haired ones.

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