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dairy free recipes

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sootyrupert Mon 17-Jan-05 20:40:17

DD 2 is allergic to dairy, any good recpre ideas out there? She is also a very fussy eater and am running out of ideas!

IloveMarmite Mon 17-Jan-05 20:41:09

I'll have a think. What kind of thing are you looking for?

weightwatchingwaterwitch Mon 17-Jan-05 20:41:09

How old is she sr?

pixiefish Mon 17-Jan-05 20:41:25

how old is she? I make my dd loads of stews with different fruit/veg meat combinations. Also pasta etc

Heathcliffscathy Mon 17-Jan-05 20:48:58

by dairy do you mean cows milk or all milk products? sorry if i'm being thick, but i only recently found out that to some people dairy free means cows milk free! if she can have goat and sheeps milk products, you don't have a problem, i'll post again if so...

singsong Tue 18-Jan-05 09:46:50

there maybe some ideas here

sootyrupert Tue 18-Jan-05 19:37:56

She will be two next week, allergic to all dairy. Looking for some ideas for treat kind of things! Things she can have a toddler group and when around other children that are having biscuits, cakes etc!! Also any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

sootyrupert Tue 18-Jan-05 19:39:16

Thanks singsong, just checked out the site, some good ideas already! Maybe I'll be brave and let her cook some with me!

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