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Eczema - cream recommendations to help clear it please

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miffymum Tue 13-May-08 11:18:17

My 6mo DD has eczema - doesn't seem overly distressed or scratching but lots of v dry skin some of it a bit red and angry looking. I know nothing about eczema or what creams / potions are best. The GP recommends a steroid cream but I thought that seemed a bit much for a 6mo - has anybody used anything else successfully?

Twinkie1 Tue 13-May-08 11:19:37

Aveeno totally cured my DSs excema - we use the cream and the bath oil - it is fab but doesn't work for everyone - ask the GP to prescribe you some.

doggiesayswoof Tue 13-May-08 11:23:09

Aveeno works well for my friend's dd.

I got epaderm from hv for my dd when she was a baby - cleared it up quickly and there are no steroids.

My sis was prescribed doublebase - that did the trick with her dd.

Do a search on here - should be loads of threads on this

bran Tue 13-May-08 11:24:38

There are loads of eczema threads under Allergies and Health topics. If you click on 'search for messages' and search for 'eczema' you'll find plenty of recommendations.

I've read through quite a few of the threads because ds has eczema, and it seems that it's very individual to each sufferer whether a particular cream helps or not.

I use Aveeno bath oil and Aveeno Intense Relief moisturiser for ds and it works much better than the topical lotions that the gp prescribed, I hardly ever have to use the steroid cream now. I know that it doesn't work for everyone though.

doggiesayswoof Tue 13-May-08 11:24:47

Surprised at your GP offering steroids straight away tbh - mine didn't even give me steroids for my own eczema until I had exhausted other options.

bran Tue 13-May-08 11:28:43

My gp gave steroid cream straight away for ds, his eczema was quite bad though, very sore and weeping where he had scratched it.

Miffymum, it's worth persevering and trying several creams and oils because continual use of steroid cream (over several years, don't worry about your dd just yet) can thin the skin and cause scarring.

mumchie Tue 13-May-08 11:30:44

yes, our gp gave steroids for my dd at 4 months, luckily she's not that bad so a little e45 cream does the job. I was shocked at the steroids too especially as she's not that bad anyway.

miffymum Tue 13-May-08 11:37:50

Thanks for that. Will definitly give these a go - probably start with Aveeno as that seems a popular one. I'm sure you're right bran that i'm going to have to try a few until we get it right.

hazeyjane Tue 13-May-08 12:15:44

Aveeno and Dermol

twotimes Sat 17-May-08 11:41:10

I would definitely recommend baby shea from Maples Street Organics it is 100% natural and organic, works a treat. Used it on both of my kids and my friends use it as well. Everyone I know loves it really

bubbaz Sat 17-May-08 17:22:26

My 22 mo DS has had exema since around 6 weeks. We have had steroid cream from around 6 months but only use a little when it is bad. I use Acqueous cream the rest of the time. I slather him in it before bath time and use instead of soap, it seems to stop the water drying the skin. Always worth a try - good luck

avsbavs Tue 04-Jan-11 20:22:20

i havent had time to read all the posts so sorry if i repeat some of the things previously mentioned...

i am nearly 16 and have suffered from ezcema for as long as i can remember

i used to cry and scream all through the night and scratch myself raw

i was always told i would grow out of it, first when i was 6, then 7, then 11, then 14, yet here i am, still with ezcema.

however from years of trial and error, FINALLY i have it under control and you cant even notice my skin, apart from a tiny bit on my hands.

so here are my tips... they wont work for everyone but you can try.... they work for me

firstly, showers/baths were a killer for me. try rinsing off skin with cold water at the end of a shower and then 'hug' dry. this cools skin before moisturising.

i cant use any aqueous creams as they trap in heat and irritate my skin more, however some people find they work well for them. instead i use AVEENO, which i love. you can get it on prescription in the uk which helps

if neither or these work, try using straight olive oil, its really natural and an amazing moisturiser. it can be a little messy but sinks in really really quickly.

so, moisturise twice a day, i know its a chore but try and made it as bearable as possibly, for example, warming up cream a bit in the winter.

for those flareups, (i always get back skin when it gets cold outside and the heating goes on, and again in the spring when it goes off and the weather improves,) ask you doctor for a steroid cream. as soon as dry skin or red blotchy patched appears apply cream immediately. you have to catch flareups in time. if however, cream stings and hurts when applied, try using ice packs and stress balls. another thing is hotwater bottles but try the ice first.

oilatum bath oil is ggood to use when the weather changes as it keeps skin moist while your body adjusts to the climate.

probably the most important thing to keep my ezcema under control are anti-histamines.i take cetrizine every day in the morning and ucerax in the evenings. these make you drouzy so you sleep all night without scratching. they do not affect me in the mornings and i still do wake in the night sometimes but not because im ripping my skin appart. i used to get so tired, even if i was sleeping all night due to the scratching. sleep loss increased greatly when i turned 13.

i think thats all... please ask me if you have any questions

i am thinking of setting up a website to help and advise people on how to live with eczema. do you thing this is a good idea and would work?

good luck


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