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Urgent help needed dairy free diet.

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meea Mon 10-Jan-05 19:56:17

Ds2 has been having disgusting nappies 6-7 times a day for the last 3 months any way after tests it was decided on Friday that he is allergic to cows milk.Dr sent us off with a prescription for wysoy formula .Help he won't drink it poor child has never drank formula in his live and this stuff tastes disgusting.
The poor thing has hardly eaten or drunk anything all weekend he also hasn't had his melatonin as he usually has it in a yogurt and I havn't been able to find any other way of giving it to him. Everything he wants he cant have .
Does any one have any recipes.
No idea what I am going to put in his lunch box for nursery tomorrow.
Was'nt sure where to post this so I have posted in special needs as well.

kinderbob Tue 11-Jan-05 02:06:50

If you say he hasn't had formula, what has he been drinking? How old is he.

There are soy yoghurts in the supermarkets just pop his melatonin in there. They taste pretty much the same as milk ones so should be more paletable.

People who are allergic to something often crave it, especially if they are two young to link how it makes them feel (ie disgusting nappies must mean painful stomach and possibly nappy rash). Once he hasn't had it for a bit the craving will get less.

Ask to see a dietician. It's not fair to just say - he's allergic, now you sort it out.

sootyrupert Mon 17-Jan-05 20:42:43

My DD, almost two has same problem, she loves the soya yoghurts and also drinks rice milk - it is very sweet - I think this is why she likes it so much. Tesco do lots of dairy free things in their free from range. Some lovely jam tarts which never seem to get to DD!

meea Tue 18-Jan-05 12:55:24

He won't eat the soya yogurts and we are struggling to get him to eat anything at all.We have tried all sorts of Soya milk and rice milk and he isn't having any of it.He has been surviving on crackers cucumber and chicken and ham.

tribpot Tue 18-Jan-05 13:03:15

Meea, DH doesn't like the soya milk either (he has a dairy intolerance) - the one he does like is getting hard to find but worth looking for - Oat Supreme. You can buy an oat milk substitute in Holland and Barrett, plus goats' / sheep milk. As sootyrupert says, have a look in Tesco/Sainsburys in their 'Free From' range, these should all be grouped together so you can see the whole range. Their packaging is excellent - I always go for Sains/Tesco own brand when I'm in there as it's much easier to see what they contain (DH has a wheat intolerance as well).

I was looking online just this morning for an alternative source of Oat Supreme. You might find this forum useful, and online shopping at Goodness Direct . The MIL subscribes to some food allergy magazine, I will look out the name of that for you as well.

Best of luck, hope you can get ds to accept one of the milk substitutes.

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