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Gluten free food in France

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Redwood Thu 01-May-08 18:42:52

hi, anyone know if you can get gluten free food, mainly pasta and bread would be good. we are going to south of France to siblu camp site in august.

onepieceoflollipop Thu 01-May-08 20:35:30

If you contact, they have lots of info on travelling abroad.

They also do little cards with useful phrases (e.g. to say briefly what you can/can't eat - handy to give to the waiter in restaurants or whatever)

My dh is a coeliac.

Redwood Thu 01-May-08 22:33:26

thanks, it's for me dd she has been wheat free for a year but this is first holiday where we will be doing some food shopping.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 02-May-08 09:59:47

dh usually takes a few things with him (maybe one or two packs of rolls, the loaves just turn into breadcrumbs en route!)

Sometimes he manages to eat alternatives and not even bother with the bread and pasta. (rice, chips etc)

Have a lovely holiday.

coe114c Sun 08-Jun-08 11:00:34

I posted this on another thread but contact Edmond O'donnell at glutabye Xqa__Xa6a

piginthekitchen Fri 20-Jun-08 11:28:52

This is a great site that will deliver stuff to you in the UK before you go, and will also deliver to France if you had an address

if by chance you stumbled across a chain of shops called 'Naturalia' or a 'bio co-op' they usually ahve a great range of stuff. generally in bigger cities, lots in paris. (i'm based in France if i can be of help email at:


Pig in the Kitchen

piginthekitchen Fri 20-Jun-08 11:30:09

sorry, me again. this message board might be able to help as well:


Wordsmith Tue 29-Jul-08 21:30:06

I remember a thread earlier this year (which i can't find now!) where someone had posted a link to the cards you can print off and hand over in restaurants explaining about coealics and what you can and cannot eat in various languages - does anyone have that link? We're off the France in a week's time and it's been nearly 30 yrs since I did my A level French, with hardly any practice in the intervening years! I think I would struggle trying to explain it myself. blush

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