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Cradle Cap

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mummyinlove Mon 28-Apr-08 19:27:50

Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of cradle cap? Our baby is 8 months old, it appeared 2 months ago (when we started weaning) and it's getting worse!

avenanap Mon 28-Apr-08 19:29:20

Rub baby oil into the head, use a soft brush and gently tease it off.

andiem Mon 28-Apr-08 19:29:58

head and shoulders but protect the eyes clears it up in a flash

ScaryHairy Mon 28-Apr-08 19:31:49

I used Epadern (ask for it in Boots), wash the baby's hair with it and it goes within a week.

I think, though, that you should think about whether it really is cradle cap or is food related. If the latter you might clear it up only to have it come back again. Do you know what is causing it? If not, it might be worth finding out.

montmerency Mon 28-Apr-08 19:32:12

My son had it quite badly - I used Oilatum Shampoo - you need to ask for it over the counter at the chemists. It's a bit tricky as you have to leave it on for 5 mins and it isn't 'no tears' but it cleared the cradle cap really quickly.

madcol Mon 28-Apr-08 19:33:29

I found the Boots-own cradle cap cream excellent when olive oil didn't work.

suey2 Mon 28-Apr-08 19:44:45

I used vaseline and at bathtime the next day gave it a rub with a sponge. cleared it up within 3 days

scottishmummy Mon 28-Apr-08 19:45:01

another cradle cap shampoo vote, or olive oil overnight then brush out

mummyinlove Mon 28-Apr-08 20:57:32

Thank you all for responding- and so quickly!
I will try all...

MumRum Sun 04-May-08 09:53:09

Use a baby brush to brush you babies head daily... even if they don't have any hair it stops the build up of the scales on the head and stimulates the blood supply...

mymblemummy Sun 04-May-08 19:12:34

Spiezia Organic baby massage oil dabbed on with cotton wool, leave it on and after bathing rub gently with a towel and the scales should lift off. It smells pleasant and cleared the cradle cap in a week.

We did try Boots cradle cap ointment.It was quite effective but everyone complained it made the baby's head smell like old socks!

ErynsMummy1 Sun 09-Mar-14 20:45:02

I used some natural (fragrance free) baby shampoo and exfoliated my daughters head gently with a baby brush each night in the bath....cleared up in no time!!

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