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Gluten free food on Mark Warner holiday

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Redwood Thu 24-Apr-08 20:45:48

Hi, anyone been on a Mark Warner holiday and requested gluten free food to be available? I'ts for my dd who is 5,thanks

MeMySonAndI Sun 27-Apr-08 11:30:44

No, but to solve the glutten problem during holidays I usually take a bag of raw glutten free pasta, glutten free bread, and even glutten free cakes. Then, when out and about I carry some small portions of it in tupperwares so, he has whatever it is available and I substitute the others with the things I have in my bag (yeah... I look like Mary Poppins sometimes) i.e. if everyone is having pasta I ask the restaurant to boil the glutten pasta for him and add the sauce they have available, etc.

incrediblebaker Sun 19-May-13 19:37:04

Hi there, I returned yesterday from a week holiday in Mark Warner's Levante hotel. My dd is 2y and 7 months and is allergic to dairy, egg, peanut and intolerant to gluten and soya. In the resort we found our ways around. We also have some freefrom provisions with us. We absolutely loved but in both flights we had a terrible experience. In the flight to road his meal was scrambled eggs, milk with cereals, bread and butter. After complaining the flight attendant did not try to mitigate the situation. In the flight back they even served us with a peanutnand sesame seed bar. I was absolutely gutted. However in this flight there was a more compassionate flight attendant that saved the day. I would say, we loved at the resort but we could have done without the stress during the flights. If you want to know the full history please read my family business blog -
I hope this helps you.

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