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Eczema Creams

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melon1 Wed 05-Jan-05 22:45:06

I have found out loads of useful information from Mumsnet regarding eczema and I need some more help! I've posted this message in the health and allergies section - can anyone give me any feedback on these creams - calendula cream, tea tree cream, aloe vera gel, lush dream cream and sk cream?

minkmama Thu 06-Jan-05 12:03:22

hi melon1, i've tried lots of different calendula creams and a couple of aloe vera and am sad to say that despite my perseverence, none of them have made any difference to the quality of ds1's skin, even the aloe vera plant itself i also used dried calendula in his bath but nothing there either. you shouldn't be put off though as most of us have reiterated that what works for one person may not work for another and the key i think is to keep searching. however, i also believe that many of us have found aveeno cream v. effective - have you tried that yet? good luck!

nnosam Fri 07-Jan-05 09:39:09

hi there, my 2yr old has eczema really bad on his arms, my doc gave me some bath stuff called oilatum, and she also gave me the creams that went with it, it does help but i found that it had to be used once in a while to have anmy effect, i also found that johnstons baby bubble bath was a lot better for his skin, what i do is he has a bath every other nite and on two bath nites out of two weeks i use the oilatum, it seams to work and stops him moaning about it.
i have also used calendula, it works best on cuts, i havent thought to use it on his eczema, but any thing is worth a try. i hope this gives you a bit of info

melon1 Fri 07-Jan-05 09:56:59

Well, I have been using calendula cream for 48 hours and its brilliant. Its cleared up all of the red blotches - the only thing is that its not such a good moisturiser - also need to use lots of Aveeno - Also, its not available on prescription to is probably going to work out v.expensive, but it's worth it just to have steroid-free clear skin!

Potty1 Fri 07-Jan-05 10:04:57

Melon - we have Aveeno on prescription, but I also look out for when it's on offer in Boots, which it is from time to time.

Haven't tried the lush cream although there's a shop opened near us so might give that a go.

misdee Fri 07-Jan-05 10:11:27

i have used lush dream on my arms, which are very sry and scaley atm due to pregnancy. My arms felt like they were burniong and lush was recommended by someone, so i thouight i'd give it a go. Its smells nice, and absorbs well. I havent rtied it on my kids eczema yet.

melon1 Fri 07-Jan-05 11:17:24

Misdee, I'd be interested to know how that goes if you do try it on your kids eczema.

Chandra Sun 09-Jan-05 04:10:14

I have also used calendula cream but it was far too expensive to use on DS severe eczema (I was using 2 tubes a day and still the skin was getting cracked... so I binned the idea and went back to Eucerin...)

We also got Oilatum, didn't see a real diference, but we did with Oilatum Plus.

About J&J products... very bad experience with them... plain water in DS's bath has been more helpful and less damaging than the J&J...

melon1 Sun 09-Jan-05 09:44:09

Yes, the Calendula cream is very expensive, but as dd's eczema is, I think, mild, I can use two tubes a week, and if thats what it takes! I've been patch testing a new cream over the last couple of days, SK cream - it's a natural cream made by a lady called Margaret Evans. It's supposed to be an alternative to using steroids on the bad patches, but I've found that it's made the eczema worse. I've been testing it on the back of dd's knees, and it's just getting redder. I'm sure I've read on Mumsnet somewhere that some creams bring the eczema out, and that it does get worse before it gets better. Anyone had this? Is it worth perservering with the SK cream?

misdee Sun 09-Jan-05 09:45:37

i dont buy that theory sorry. can your dd tell u if its irratating her at all? whats the ingrediants on the SK cream.

melon1 Sun 09-Jan-05 10:15:41

DD's only 4 months Misdee, so no.She developed the eczema at 2 months, and I keep her so well oiled there's no dry skin at all, it's just persistent bright red patches on the back of the neck, under the chin, armpits, creases of elbows and backs of knees - she also gets small patches all over her back and chest. All along I think it's probably bothered me more than its bothered her, she still seems to be a very happy baby, but I just wish it would go! The cream contains camomile infusion, glycerine beeswax, almond oil, emulsifying wax, borax and preservative E210.

Potty1 Sun 09-Jan-05 12:22:37

melon - some creams do irritate some eczema and it can be a real hit & miss affair until you find what suits. Like misdee though I don't agree that it has to get worse before it gets better. I think that's the homeopathic view, but stand to be corrected.

My dd's eczema is made worse by e45, aqueous and ungwentum merck (sp?) although the last one only recently.

Good luck with finding something that works.

minkmama Sun 09-Jan-05 12:53:33

potty1 i think i also remember reading that homeopaths believe that but we've found that our one doesn't believe in any dramatic change once giving a new remedy. when ds1 reacts to new dosages or new remedies she tells us to take him off them immediately, which is quite comforting actually. after a year and a half of battling with this i also don't believe in the worse before better theory...

i would stop using the sk if it is irritating her skin melon. perhaps it's the preservative?we once used infraderm as recommended by another parent and ds1 flared up completely! hope you find something to suit dd, good luck!

misdee Sun 09-Jan-05 13:19:13

DD1 reacts badly to e45, some aquous creams (for some reason boots own is ok), johnsons products (even their baby moisteriser), anything highly perfumed etc etc.

Has the gp seen your dd melon1?

melon1 Sun 09-Jan-05 14:20:13

Yes Misdee - quite annoyed with her really - she just told me to use the hydrocortisone whenever I need it, which would be every day! If I hadn't done my own research (mostly Mumsnet, thank you ladies!) I'd still be slapping hc on dd every day - doctor didn't tell me about any side effects. Im hoping the calendula cream will continue to work, even though it is pricey - I'm trying to convince myself she will grow out of it soon!

misdee Sun 09-Jan-05 16:50:50

the one thing i found that helped cut down the use of Hc creams was dermol500 lotion. it helps stop infections, and goes lovely into the skin. it comes in pump action bottle so less chance of getting bugs in the pot. ask for it on perscription.

IlanaK Sun 09-Jan-05 20:13:34

I like Aveeno for my son's excema, but the cream that we have found best is Amerma (this is the brand name) Exomega cream. We get it at Selfridges, but I am sure it is available elsewhere. It is slightly mnore expensive than Aveeno, and is also oat based, but it is truely amazing. His sking is so lovely and smooth now.

melon1 Tue 11-Jan-05 12:57:21

Hi Misdee

I'm trying not to get too excited but dd's skin seems better this morning after just one application of Dermol500 lotion. Thought I was going to have problems as when I phoned the surgery for it the practice nurse had never heard of it! Also, I've changed from Oilatum to Oilatum Plus - really hope that does it! Thanks for your help Misdee - if it wasn't for Mumsnet I think I'd probably still be months behind with trying to find the right combination of creams - hv and doctor useless!

alibo Tue 11-Jan-05 14:14:28

the exomega cream sounds good, anyone know where you can buy it other than selfridges??

IlanaK Tue 11-Jan-05 14:26:48

Ooops, the brand name should have read Aderma. AS far as I know, you can get it at some chemists - ordered in. I asked at my local and although he had heard of it, it was not on the list of supplies he could order. However, this was a small independant chemist. You may find that you can get it ordered from Boots?

sasa15 Mon 07-Mar-05 15:21:51

do you put Aveeno cream after each bath everynight?

sallystrawberry Mon 07-Mar-05 16:10:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Potty1 Mon 07-Mar-05 16:53:07

We use Aveeno at least twice daily for dd's eczema. First thing in a morning and at night straight after the bath.

Muller Tue 08-Mar-05 14:52:49

My baby girl had excema from birth around the neck, aggravated by dribbling constantly. After trial and error of various creams, we found Olatum bath oil, and body cream worked very well. Smother her every morning and every night and use bath oil every time. Seems to be improving anyway

M00SE Tue 08-Mar-05 16:22:23

My daughter is 19 months and her eczema has become worse over the last month. Currently using emulsifying ointment and hc which isn't really working. A mate suggested Diprobase - Has anyone tried Diprobase? Any good?

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