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Eczema on scalp - how do I treat it?

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rickman Sun 02-Jan-05 22:50:24

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 02-Jan-05 22:56:18

Have you been to the GP? They normally have special lotions and shampoos you can try.

I have psorasis on my scalp and have tried allsorts, but the latest stuff I have been given, so far, seems quite good.

makealist Sun 02-Jan-05 23:11:15

hello hulababy, I also get psoraris on my scalp, could you tell me what your new stuff is called and was it on prescription? I also occaisonally get it in my eyebrows and down the sides of my nose

Clare1406 Sun 02-Jan-05 23:41:57

Nizoral shampoo is good for adults, & eumovate cream. i get sceboric dermatits, round my hairline, gets really sore when i'm stressed. But for baby's Tescos do a shampoo, can't remember the name, but it's got a white label with green writing! Trying to think.

Hulababy Mon 03-Jan-05 21:13:08

makealist - I went to the GP again and got it on prescription. The latest stuff I am using under my arms is a cream/ointment - Dovobet, I use it twice a day for 4 weeks. I have been using it for just over a week now and it is really making a difference.

I also have Dovonex - which os a lotion for my scalp. I start using that this week = 3-4 times a week for 4 weeks. I am hoping it will work as effectively as the ointment.

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 21:13:59

have u got those DLA forms sorted yet?

oilatum do a special shampoo.

makealist Mon 03-Jan-05 21:23:33

Thanks, I shall give them a go.
I can go months being clear of it, then it comes back and I'll have it for ages, then as sudden as it came, it goes!!
I also put it down to stress!!

NatureDoc Tue 04-Jan-05 19:59:47

Hi Rickman - try these products: - they so a natural shampoo for psoriasis ansd eczema. Have you thought about seeing a naturaopth to work out why she is getting th eczema in the first place?

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