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allergy to SMA,switching from breast to bottle

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beckswith3 Sun 02-Jan-05 09:35:13

DD is 8 weeks old and over the last week and 1/2 have been switching from breast to sma gold, she has now developed loads of spots all over her face, The doctor gave me cream but this doesn;t seem to be helping at all, it seems to be getting worse. I have also had to give her latose to help with with constipation.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and could it be an allergy to sma, should I switch milk..which one?

Corky Sun 02-Jan-05 09:41:43

I bottle fed by dd who is 27 months old now. we started her off on SMA Gold and she used to cry out in pain half way through a feed, so we changed from SMA to Cow & Gate. When I asked the HV's about which milk was best they said Cow & Gate and they don't recommend SMA - I just wish they'd told me that at the start to save 3 months of agony!

TracyK Sun 02-Jan-05 09:42:40

my ds was ok with sma - although used it later - used amptamil when he was younger along with breast milk.
ds had loads of spots too - hv recommended using a rougher cloth to wash his face rather than cotton wool. just like we would exfoliate ours. worked a treat.

sanchpanch Sun 02-Jan-05 09:45:46

I to had bad experience with SMA, i spoke to dodtor and HV they both said to stay well clear of SMA, its the one they have the most problems with, i went on to Farleys, with both my daughters and they were both fine on it, i have since read an srticle about baby milk, and farleys was the only one that didnt have lots of strange ingredients in when they looked more in depth at them,

SueW Sun 02-Jan-05 09:50:51

Are you sure the spots aren't just the natural hormone spots/milk spots/milia babies get at about 4-6 weeks? They do look hideous but they will fade and are not an indication of an allergy.

There's a pic here and some info here . You shouldn't treat them in any way - they will disappear of their own accord and your baby's skin will be pristine again soon.

beckswith3 Tue 04-Jan-05 11:00:00

thanks for the pics but they definitely arent milk spots. they have started to calm down abit now and I've switched her to cow and gate, which seems to be helping her spots and stomach.

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