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Question about Aqua balls

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Elf Tue 28-Dec-04 16:08:30

I am thinking about using an aqua ball or something like it in the washing machine as DS (12 months) as eczema. However, DH doesn't think they are very good, we tried something a few years ago.

Question: is it OK to use the ball just on some washes? If DH uses our current laundry liquid (Surcare) on other washes will the aqua ball wash be contaminated because of stuff remaining in the machine? Have I been clear!! I've had too much Christmas chocolate I think.. Anyway, any info much appreciated xxxxxxxxxx

merryminkmama Tue 28-Dec-04 23:32:26

hi elf, i have also wondered about the aquaballs but since they don't say anything about being non-bio as it were, i chose to use ecover's non-bio liquid and softener and no problems with ds1's skin. used surcare ages ago but no change, perhaps it's worth trying the ecover stuff? HTH

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