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Adult allergies: Has anyone done the caveman diet?

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jellyrolly Mon 10-Mar-08 14:58:26

My gp has put me on this elimination diet to get rid of a head to toe itchy red rash.

I'm about to start the introducing foods part, has anyone done this? Not sure the best way to do it so I don't ruin my elimination!

(Now I know why cavemen killed each other, no calories, no carbs, no chocolate, no fun.)

stiffit Tue 11-Mar-08 00:13:52

didn't he tell you?

i think there are three things no one is allergic to

one is pears
I think one is potatoes..

you need a proper diet plan .. surely

Christywhisty Tue 11-Mar-08 23:32:24

I know someone who is allergic to potatoes.

flamingtoaster Wed 12-Mar-08 16:31:02

Haven't done it personally but used to know someone who swore by it. Depends what your doctor is talking about. It could be this one:

However, he may be talking about the one where you start with just lamb and pears (or turkey and pears if you have previously eaten a lot of lamb). Some doctors allow rice with the lamb and pears which is the one I think stiffit was thinking of. In it's most severe form (i.e. just lamb and pears) it's mentioned here:

Whichever one you use hope it solves the problem.

jellyrolly Wed 12-Mar-08 20:12:13

Thanks for the info.

She did tell me but I can't remember everything she said (something to do with screaming babies in background). I followed Dr Cranton's one in the end.

I have since spoken to gp again and got info about introducing food which is done in groups. Never has a piece of toast tasted so fine.

It has solved the problem so far thankyou flamingtoaster, rash is all gone. Just need to find out what caused it now.

flamingtoaster Wed 12-Mar-08 21:10:05

Glad you enjoyed your toast. Good luck with the reintroduction and identifying what caused the problem.

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