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Interesting talk today from a Paeds allergist re weaning ,allergies etc.

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LaDiDaDi Wed 05-Mar-08 20:33:22

Was at a talk from Prof John Warner today where he was talking about allergies.

He suggested that an overlap period between breastfeeding and weaning was more important than exclusive breastfeeding to 6 months then weaning. He also suggested that the guidance regarding what pregnant women should eat during pregnancy may be changed and that the evidence behind the idea of slow weaning, ie waiting before introducing certain foods that are thought to be more allergenic eg kiwi, was minimal at best. He thinks that soon pregnant women with a personal or family history of allergy will be told not to avoid allergenic type foods unless they are specifically allergic to it.

It was very interesting and I wanted to tell mumsnetters about it. Posted in weaning first but Cote D'Azur suggested I post here too.

Kaz1967 Wed 05-Mar-08 20:57:11

good cos I am not able to stay off peanuts at all and apparently I am not supposed to eat them because I have a list of allergies as long as your arm.

Is he the Prof from London who is doing the trials of controled feeding so called high risk toddlers peanut butter to see if keeping kids off it is just making the situation worse?

LaDiDaDi Wed 05-Mar-08 21:03:38

No kaz, but he referenced that research project so I think that must be a colleague of his.

Kaz1967 Thu 06-Mar-08 00:25:31

What journal is it in? I might search it out at Uni

LaDiDaDi Thu 06-Mar-08 15:49:58

The peanut butter trial is still ongoing or at least I don't think it's published yet so I can't reference a journal, sorry.

brimfull Thu 06-Mar-08 15:56:56

Does that mean I didn't cause ds' allergy by eating cashews when pregnant?

Kaz1967 Thu 06-Mar-08 17:54:14

girl I very much doubt you did probably just one of those things

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