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Any recommendations for a recipe book that is non dairy/dairy alternative based?

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Martha200 Tue 04-Mar-08 10:06:40

DS1 has an intolerance to dairy, it's not very severe but all the same it's there and I want some inspiration of things to cook for him. Any recommendations out there?

mad4mybaby Tue 04-Mar-08 11:03:12

Have a look at pure website (the makers fo dairy free margarine) LOADS of great things on there

Kaz1967 Tue 04-Mar-08 13:02:34

Best friends son has dairy allergy pretty sure she has some she does all her own baking these days I will send her a message and get her over to these boars as she does not post on here. \she is working this morning though so niot sure when she might get here

Catilla Tue 04-Mar-08 13:05:50

My son is strongly allergic to dairy and eggs... I have always just replaced milk, butter with soya alternatives. Cheese is a bit harder, the alternatives aren't the same... and eggs are pretty tough.

But for basic milk we use Alpro soya and for butter/margarine we use Pure.


LucindaBG Tue 04-Mar-08 13:26:54

Mine? wink

flamingtoaster Thu 06-Mar-08 19:29:13

If you look up vegan recipes on the internet they can be very useful (and different!) - but generally substituting soya or rice milk and using Pure margarine instead of butter will work brilliantly.

Catilla - I know the problem with replacing eggs (I have to replace dairy - and gluten as well). There is a list here of all the substitutions for egg: The one I have used most often (after experimenting with the commerical replacer) is corn flour plus water.

ratbunny Thu 06-Mar-08 20:38:56

you can substitute ds's formula for milk, and pure spread for butter. I have made pancakes, white sauce, cakes etc doing this.
tbh for home cooking i don't find dairy / soya free a big problem.

girlfrommars Thu 06-Mar-08 21:20:12

You could look for Jewish cookery books. Dietary laws mean that meat can't be eaten with dairy, so you'd find the meat section of the books useful. Claudia Roden and Clarissa Hyman both have books available, but I don't know what they're like- Maybe have a browse in the shop?

Vegan cookery books would also be good, so maybe try the vegan society's website for recommendations.

kmcomie Fri 07-Mar-08 13:56:54

Hi I have a really good book that the nursery my dd attends recommneded.

It is by Alce Sherwood and is called Allergy free cookbook and i got mine from the book people website for about £5.

It covers all sorts of allergies but explains what to replace items such as egg within a recipes etc. The chocolate brownies are a favourite at parties.

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