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How long can I give Allerize for? and what is causing this rash?

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callmeovercautious Sun 02-Mar-08 19:58:11

DD is 17m and had an allergic reaction last Sunday and came out in a rash whilst in the bath. This is not unheard of with her (Tomatoes, soaps etc etc)but it got worse so I went to the GP Tuesday and was prescribed Piriton (got given Allerize at the Pharmacy!). It really helped and by yesterday only had a few patches that had turned to excema. We stopped the Allerize yesterday.

Tonight she got in the bath and immediately started turning red and blotchy, screaming in pain. We took her straight out and lo and behold the reaction is back. I have given her some more Allerize but I need to know if it safe to keep giving it until we can see the GP tomorrow (ie can I give it in the Morning).

Also any idea why she came out in the rash when in Water? Cool bath, no products just a Muslin of Oats which we have been using with great results for a few months?

mad4mybaby Mon 03-Mar-08 07:51:19

had you recently cleaned the bath? There could be some residue of cleaner in it. My ds has allerief (same as piriton) for when his excema is bad and although the doc said it shouldnt be given all the time, she said it wouldnt harm him giving it him every day until his excema cleared (over 1 week) dont know if that helps... I have just bought ds some cream from health shop called relief that is completely natural which has really helped his skin, fantastic at healing, really moisterising and has stopped him itching..

callmeovercautious Mon 03-Mar-08 21:46:55

Thanks mad4mybaby. She has always had a bit of excema and sensitive skin but this is her first really big outbreak and it makes me so sad, I know exactly how she is feeling which makes it worse. I will look into the cream. I had not cleaned the bath, just rinsed in hot water before she got in as usual.

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