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Oils - possibly a supremely daft question

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TriwizardCupcake Fri 29-Feb-08 21:33:04

I've recently started running toddler music classes where some of the instruments we use are made of unvarnished wood and need to be wiped with an oil after cleaning so that they don't dry out.

I am thinking of using a very mild olive oil.

My question - I want to make sure that I don't use any kind of oil that would cause allergic reactions for the toddlers (who may put them in their mouths etc). I'm assuming that Olive Oil would be OK to use? Any knowlegable people who can help?


pofaced Fri 29-Feb-08 21:43:51

From what I remember being told years ago at baby massage classes, olive oil is safest for all kinds of things to do with babies/ toddlers (definitely not nut oils etc) Check with a HV

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