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Anyone who can talk to me if they have had baby/young child diagnosed with coeliac disease?

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onepieceoflollipop Sun 24-Feb-08 21:52:45

I'm just after advice/reassurance at the moment. dh has coeliac disease - was very unwell as a small baby, diagnosed at 18 months. dd1 is fine. dd2 is 6.5 months and just started weaning. She was exclusively b/fed until 25 weeks, then we started on solids plus one bottle of formula every day, plus continuing with breast milk

Sorry if this next bit is tmi. I am aware that due to weaning and change of milk that there will be a change in the nappies. (i.e. a lot more smelly and more like "real" poo iykwim). She has a 1:10 chance of developing cd, because of her dad. In line with advice from Coeliac UK I have introduced (slowly) alongside the normal veg/fruit/rice some small amounts of toast, porridge etc. Her nappies today have been a lot smellier and much more in quantity.

I don't want to be an over anxious mother, but I need to hear from any of you who may have been in a similar situation. How soon would you notice any problems? I know it can be hard to diagnose and isn't always obvious from the symptoms. I don't mind if she does have cd, but I do want to make sure we spot anything worrying earlier rather than later. Dh lost his hair and loads of weight as a baby before he was diagnosed.

nightcat Sun 24-Feb-08 22:14:35

there is a fab forum with section for parents of young children
[[ link]]

nightcat Sun 24-Feb-08 22:15:21

there is a fab forum with section for parents of young children

onepieceoflollipop Sun 24-Feb-08 22:18:09

Thanks so much nightcat, Will take a look at this tomorrow.

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