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Soap Powder( Costco enquiry please)

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Jambuttie Mon 18-Feb-08 14:52:44


I buy most of our shopping etc in bulk so save time and money.

DT1 has many allergies and soap powder is showing as 1 of them. Today it was suggested i buy Ecover soap powder which has no fragrance in it and is non bio.

Does anyone know where I can buy a large pack of soap powder that will do us?

Today''s box was only 12 washes and it cost £5.75- normally I get Bold 120 wash at Costco for £15 so really felt the pinch today!!!!

Or if indeed anyone can suggest any other powder that is similar that would be much appreciated

lottiejenkins Mon 18-Feb-08 14:58:51

Have you looked at the Suma catalogue? or do you know anyone who orders from them they may have something suitable..............

Jambuttie Mon 18-Feb-08 19:47:50

ooo never heard of that must remember to google it.

Was thinking would Fairy non bio work? Know its menat to be good for babies but not sure if it will be good in this instance?

meep Mon 18-Feb-08 19:50:59

I tried Fairy and it didn't work for me or dd, but I have friends who find it is okay with allergies - I bough a small box just to try it - and now use it for dh's shirts (he's not allergic to anything - liucky sod!)Ecover unfortunately is the only one that doesn't cause flare ups - you have my sympathy - it is such a teeny box for so much money!

Jambuttie Mon 18-Feb-08 20:02:41

Ano I couldn't believe the cost of it shock I mean as if having allergies isnt complicated nough lol they fleece u too shock

missmama Mon 18-Feb-08 20:07:52

If you get on with Bold then may I sugest Tescos own version of it.
This is what we use and DS2 who have extremly sensitive skin gets on great with this.

Have been trying to paste a link but cannot get site to open at the mo

littone Mon 18-Feb-08 20:58:59

I buy ecover stuff in bulk from this website - I think a bit cheaper than buying boxes individually in the shop?

Jambuttie Mon 18-Feb-08 22:02:38

Just had a look on the website and this could be the place to buy it!!!!

Is is 48 washes or 4 x 48 washes? and can I ask a silly q's pls- it is powder isnt it not tabletsblush

littone Mon 18-Feb-08 23:55:38

Sorry - busy doing my own laundry

The website seems to sell powder not the tablets (I have yet to sell any website that sells the complete range of ecover stuff!). If you scroll down they do 3 varieties of powder - would suggest buying one box in supermarket first - if you buy in bulk DT1 is bound to react.

I have checked the box I have in teh cupboard (the 1200g size) which is allegedly 12 washes so this would be a total of 48 washes by their reckoning. I am stingy and use far less powder though than the manufacturers suggest and everything comes out clean. If your son gets on with it might be worth experimenting and see how little you can actually get away with using.

littone Tue 19-Feb-08 00:07:43

I haven't ordered from them but also found these links that might be even cheaper - good luck: 66kg/

10 kg bag:
an d

Jambuttie Tue 19-Feb-08 08:39:26

Thnaks for that

It does appear MUCH cheaper doesnt it

slowlearner Wed 20-Feb-08 13:41:50

Just one comment about Ecover - it DOES actually have fragrance added. Surcare doesn't so may be another one to try. Somewhat surprisingly, two people with very sensitive skin have told me the only one they can use is Ariel (regular or sensitive/non-bio). Worth a try?

Oblomov Wed 20-Feb-08 13:55:15

Not helpful at all I'm afraid, But I rarely find anywhere to beat Costco prices.
We need a FLY note to go to Costco more often wink

katz Wed 20-Feb-08 13:58:22

i'm sure you've already tried this but DD2's dermatologist recommends clicking on the rinse plus cycle button on the washing machine, he said to try this before changing washing powders. it makes the machine take about 10 mins longer but dd's contact rash is a thing of the past.

might be worth a try

Jambuttie Thu 21-Feb-08 08:11:50

Thanks for all the comments ladies.

I'm sure I remember last time I was at costco they had a demo lady with soap powder with no nasty's in it, however when I phoned they said no!!!!

Have the wee box of ecover but that wont last us 2 mins being 5 of us here lol, also bought a wee box of fairy non bio and will try that. He is going back to chiro in 3 weeks so will get him tested with both then.

nappyaddict Fri 22-Feb-08 23:12:28

if buying ecover make sure you buy the original one - that's the one without perfume.

have you tried boots sensitive washing powder?

milkmonster Fri 22-Feb-08 23:40:48

Ecover isn't entirely fragrance-free nor is Surcare, despite both saying so on the packet. Chemical additives smell so MORE chemicals are added to neutralise the smell.

Whereas...traditional Soap Flakes (not related to Corn Flakes grin ), which you can buy in Morrisons and probably other supermarkets, are only £1.79 for the same size as a standard packet of big brand powder, are entirely fragrance-free, and being just plain soap, have no nasty chemicals in to irritate.

You have to add them to hot water in a jug and pour into the machine's soap dispenser, but they work sufficiently well at cleaning as big brands.

It's often the chemicals, not the soap content, that irritates in big brand powders.

Everything I use or wash with is fragrance-free. Fragrance is the biggest irritant in products.

Try Soap Flakes and you may never look back.

nappyaddict Fri 22-Feb-08 23:56:31

ecover original is perfume free the new one isn't.

nappyaddict Fri 22-Feb-08 23:58:08

milkmonster - are they the same as natural soap flakes cos i can't use those on my nappies

milkmonster Sat 23-Feb-08 00:14:54

I think so, yes. There's nothing else in the contents but 'soap flakes'.

I use them to wash usual cotton bathroom towels with for instance and find the towels are still absorbent hmm how do you spell that?? hmm and soft(finding fragrance-free fabric conditioner is another matter altogether!)but I have no experience with using soap flakes on nappies. I have real nappies, just never used them !

Loshad Sat 23-Feb-08 00:51:37

most of the ecover stuff has perfume in it joe sad however if you join the boots club (think it's healthy living or similar) you get their sensitive skin powder/liquid at half price and it is excellent.

nappyaddict Sat 23-Feb-08 00:54:03

is the boots stuff non-bio?

Loshad Sun 24-Feb-08 19:43:23


nappyaddict Sun 24-Feb-08 23:00:44

do you use it? i don't suppose you could list the ingredients for me? does it have any perfume?

Loshad Mon 25-Feb-08 10:12:08

use it nearly all the time (some times use soap nuts) perfume free, enzyme free, doesn't really list ingregients - says has in water, sodium trpolyphosphate, then vague things like anionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant whithout specifying what they are susing for those. However my ds's are really eczema/itchy/sore skin boys and this has made an immense improvement. I can't stand the perfumes so that bit's more for me.

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